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on the work and decisions of SIEV

N° 8 (2003)

SIEV held its annual meeting at the Provincial House of Turin (Italy) from 11-13 September 2003, continuing its visits to the major historical archives of the Congregation, after Paris (2001) and Kraków (2002).

At the meeting, four projects were finalized which, after the approbation of the Superior General and his Council, we will try to carry out.

The first project concerns a meeting of young confreres already involved in Vincentian studies. At the personal invitation of SIEV and with the authorization of the respective Visitors, these confreres will gather in Rome for a week at the end of April 2004. The purpose of this meeting is to encourage and help the confreres to apply themselves even more to Vincentian studies, thus giving a very valuable service to individual provinces and to the entire Congregation. The members of SIEV will also participate in this meeting. Fr. John Rybolt will animate it. It is hoped that this meeting, reserved for now to a small number of confreres, might be the beginning of a process which will gradually involve many others.

The second project is with regard to the collection on a CD-ROM of all the Vincentiana articles published from 1995 to the present, that is, from the time Vincentiana was published in three languages. The aim of this project is to put at the disposition of all confreres very vast and rich material for the study and deepening of our life and spirituality. We are already in an advanced phase of experimentation on one part of the material so as to create a CD-ROM containing a search engine that will facilitate consultation even for those less expert in computer technology.

The third project relates to the theme of the social doctrine of the Church. We are asking a group of “experts,” confreres and other persons linked to Vincentian spirituality, to write a series of articles on themes connected with the social doctrine of the Church and on the concrete experiences of initiatives carried out in the Vincentian world. Such articles will be published periodically on Internet on the web site of the Congregation. They could later even be collected and published in our magazines or by our publishing houses.

The fourth project concerns the annual updating of the Vincentian publications in the various languages. We are asking the collaboration of some confreres from different countries or parts of the world. They would compile the Vincentian bibliography of the works published in their language every year. The collection of all these annual bibliographies will be made available to all on the Internet site and eventually published in the magazines that are interested in them.


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