Vincentian Bibliography

Vincentian Bibliography


Saint Vincent de Paul ou la Charité en action

Published by Résiac. Collection « Flambeaux de la Foi »

Montsûrs, France, 2001, 288 pages

So much has been said about St. Vinncent that one can forget the strictly hisorical truth. With an authentic description, unanimously ratified in the preface by Bishop Ulrich, Archbishop of Chambery, and in the epilogue by Fr. Robert Maloney, the author restores it for us in this book about St. Vincent. A captive of pirates in North Africa, he belonged succesively to four different owners, without ever having any other Lord than Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ in each poor person. The author describes a humble St Vincent surrounded by the important people of this world. He was a giant in heart and soul in the middle of small people. A priest among prelates, he was a preacher of mercy. The light of his unfailing smile, a bit mischievous, which conquered hearts, and the fire of his glance.… We have that here! And what a blaze of charity!!


Vincent de Paul - L'amour à l'infini

Published by Médiaspaul, Paris, June 2000, 254 pages

The life of St. Vincent de Paul is bound up with the immense current of charity, which began with him and extended itself beyond the Catholic Church. Born near Dax in 1581, he knew a life of contrasts. A priest tested by doubts, guide of consciouses, organizer of help, evangelizer..., this man with a passion for Christ was also the founder of three ever-active works: the Congregation of the Mission, the Company of the Daughters of Charity, the International Association of Charities.

Four-hundred years later this Gascon, “inventive to infinity,” calls us, with today's means, to give life to the most deprived.

Msgr. Michel Dubost, in the preface to this book, states that the author rightly tries to show the relevance of St. Vincent. “This relevance can be summed up by a call to the revolution of Love and to that word which was attributed to him at the end of his life in reply to someone who asked him what he would have liked to have done that he did not do: “more.”


Um Místico da Missão, Vicente de Paulo

Publised by Santa Clara, Rio de Janeiro, 2001, 271 pages

“This small book is directed in a special way to the young students of the Congregation. It wishes to help to “provide reason” for their option of faith in the service of the poor, and also wishes to be useful to the confreres who are not so young and to all those who are inspired and cultivate the spirit of St. Vincent. Moreover, it wishes to recall, awaken, enrich, encourage towards an ever-greater fidelity to the charism of St. Vincent and to the spirit, which he implanted in the Church of God. In it, the foundational act, the option for the poor, the priorities, the gratuity, the identity of the Vincentian mission are studied. All the while, in all these dimensions, the mystical horizon which gave direction to the soul and the heart of the Founder is always in focus.” (Cf. Introduction of the author, pp.13-14).



1: Corrispondenza (1607-1639)

Published by CLV-Edizione Vincenziane, Roma, 2001

Recently, the first volume of the correspondence and writings of St. Vincent de Paul in Italian was published. The basic text for this translation is the “Opera Omnia” (Saint Vincent de Paul, Correspondance-Entretiens-Documents) published between the years 1921-1922 by Pierre Coste, C.M. (Librairie Lecoffre-Gabalda Editor, Paris), which in recent years has been enriched with the discovery of new letters and texts which have been integrated into the present Italian edition. The work, under the direction of Frs. Erminio Antonello, C.M. and Luigi Mezzadri, C.M. and with the help of the Italian provinces of the C.M. and the Daughters of Charity, is projected to be published in 12 volumes.


... Per chiostro le vie della città

L'identità di ieri e di sempre delle Figlie della Carità

Published by CLV - Edizioni Vincenziane, Roma, 2001, 141pages

“Fr. Vernaschi succeeds in situating the secularity of the Company as an important element within the entire framework of its identity. Faced with the task of revising the Constitutions, this book hopes to provide a timely collaboration, offered by a brother in St. Vincent who knows, loves and serves the Daughters of Charity, so that the work in which they are involved will be crowned with success.

The identity of the Company has been preserved throughout the four centuries of its existence. It remained faithful to the spirit and end of its founders' original project through the various changes which took place. Now, as the Company is seeking to renew itself and to express this same fidelity in today's culture, Fr. Vernaschi calls to mind that secularity is a characteristic of its identity.” (Cf. Presentation, by Fernando Quintano, C.M., Director General of the Daugthers of Charity, p. 6).


Light from the Depths of Jáchymov Concentration Camps

Published and printed by Michal Vaško, Ruová st. 22, Presov, Slovakia, 1996, 197pages (Translation by Mária Horvathová)

This book tells of the persecution of the Church in Slovakia and Bohemia during the socialist period. The book also recounts the life of Ján Havlik, a student of the Congregation of the Mission who spent 11 years in prison. One year after his release, he died from the illness contracted in prison. He was 37 years old. This book is dedicated to the memory of this confessor of the faith.


La maison de la Sainte Vierge

La vraie histoire de sa découverte

Istanbul, 1999, 231 pages

Fr. Eugène Poulin (1843-1920), a French Vincentian, was the principal of Sacred Heart School in Smyrna, which today is Izmir (Turkey). In 1891, he took part, along with his confrere, Fr. Jung, in seeking and finding, in the upper part of Ephesus, the house where the Virgin Mary lived at the end of her life. Tradition has it that the mother of Jesus followed the Apostle John into Asia Minor. His tomb stands at the entrance to Ephesus. This publication reproduces Fr. Poulin's notebooks relative to the discovery and to his efforts at demonstrating its historic value. The chapel of Meryem Ana is today a pilgrimage site, which Popes Paul VI and John Paul II visited.

(Yves Danjou, C.M.)

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