Robert P. Maloney, C.M.

Seasons in Spirituality

Reflections on Vincentian Spirituality in Today's World

New City Press, New York, 1997 (181 pages)

This third book of the Superior General reproduces a certain number of his conferences and recent articles (published in various magazines). It is an important contribution to present-day reflection on the Vincentian charism and spirituality which can help many members of the Vincentian Family in their spiritual life and their apostolate.

The studies collected in this book touch on many different moments of life and try to throw some light on them from the perspective of the life and writings of Vincent de Paul. They will help the reader to breathe more deeply the spirit of St. Vincent.

Fr. Maloney wrote this book for all those who would like to know St. Vincent de Paul better and to follow him. He dedicates these pages to the millions of members of our Vincentian Family, in rapid growth, whom he has had the occasion to address repeatedly, in different countries.

The Spanish (CEME, Salamanca), Italian (CLV, Rome) and French language editions are presently being prepared.

Jean-Marie Estrade, C.M.

Aïna _ La Vie

Mission, culture et développement à Madagascar

Published by Harmattan, Paris, 1996 (303 pages)

The author, a missionary in Madagascar for the past 26 years, is presently director of Aïna, a development center in a disadvantaged suburb of Manakara. He shares his experience with us. As a theologian, philosopher, and ethnologist, Fr. Estrade proposes for us a deep reflection in three parts. Seed: the beginning of the mission... and of colonization, a century ago; the arrival of the first sons of St. Vincent and the beginning of the visits to the bush. Culture: a reflection on Christianity and colonization, mission and evangelization, traditional and Christian faith, inculturation, faith and development. Life: the arrival of the first buds and the first fruits, the ripe fruits of life and hope, belief makes for growth. It is an enlightening and valuable witness about a country where so many of our confreres and sisters work today.

Maria Luisa Mazarello - Beghesti Micael

Giustino De Jacobis

Inculturarsi per comunicare

Published by LAS, Rome, 1997 (155 pages)

This study highlights the genius and missionary dynamism of St. Justin de Jacobis whose apostolic action continues to be prophetic both by its inculturated catechetics in the life of the people and by its attention to the local culture, to the traditions and to the psychology of those to whom the message is destined.

The book shows how the extraordinary success of the mission of Justin de Jacobis is due to his sound intuition, to his zeal and his great respect for the Abyssinians, and especially to his strong ecumenical sensitivity.

Seen from this light, the catechetics of J. de Jacobis, is characterized by the inculturation of the Word of God in life and in ecumenical dialogue. Thus, to announce the Gospel is not to escape the socio-cultural and religious realities, but to put oneself inside the life of the local populations in order to live with the Gospel all the realities of life.


Avivar la caridad

Familia Vicenciana, Cuaderno n_ 1

Published by CEME, Apartado 353, Salamanca, Spain, 1997 (119 pages)

With this issue begins the publication of a series of booklets devoted to the lay Vincentian Family. This one takes up the theme of charity and the Vincentian virtues lived by the laity.

The booklets "Avivar la Caridad" do not claim to come out in a regular manner. They hope to offer a service to the Church and to the laity of the Vincentian Family, with the conviction that the Vincentian charism, lived out under different forms, preserves all its value in the Church and world today.


En tiempos de San Vicente de Paúl... y hoy. I

Published by CEME, Apartado 353, Salamanca, Spain, 1997 (412 pages)

This book presents 33 themes, translated from the "fiches vincentiennes," published over the years by the Province of Toulouse under the title, "Au temps de St. Vincent de Paul... et aujourd'hui." The themes are presented in their historical Vincentian roots and in the reality of the world and the Church. There are many pertinent quotations which illustrate each theme. A second volume, presenting the other themes, is being prepared.


Caminando hacia el futuro

Lectura vicenciana de la exhortación

apostolica "La vida consagrada"

Published by CEME, Apartado 353, Salamanca, Spain, 1997 (310 pages)

This book reproduces the conferences given during the sixth interprovincial meeting of the Provincial Councils of the Daughters of Charity of Spain which was held in Avila from 11-16 November 1996.

In the first part, it offers several talks on the apostolic exhortation, read from the specificity of Societies of Apostolic Life, and more concretely from the Vincentian charism. In the second part, it presents various work experiences in collaboration with the Vincentian laity.

Quando una vita diventa dono

Suor Anna Cantalupo, Figlia della Carità

Published by the Daughters of Charity of Catania, Italy, 1997 (132 pages)

Sr. Anna Cantalupo, originally from Naples (1888-1983) served the poor for 60 years in Catania. One is struck by the untiring activity of this sister who, through the most common or the most daring gestures, helped people of all ages and conditions to meet Christ. She gave her all in the works of charity and catechetics. The fire of love made her overcome every obstacle. A strong and courageous woman, she knew how to defend the cause of the poor before the authorities. Every form of poverty and suffering in Catania from the 20's to the 80's found an echo in the heart of her who was called "the genius of Charity."

The pages of this book, which recount significant episodes of her life, are written in a simple, lively style, which reflects well the person represented.


Light Shining on the Earth

The Message of the Miraculous Medal

The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Canonization

of Saint Catherine Labouré (1947-1997)

Published by Signe, Strasbourg, France, 1997 (72 pages)

This is a beautiful, large, well-illustrated book presenting the Chapel of the rue du Bac today, the life and witness given by St. Catherine Labouré, Mary's message and two reports on the Associations of the Miraculous Medal in Philadelphia and Perryville, USA.

Incontro con le prime

Barbara Angiboust, Giovanna Lepintre, Giuliana Loret

Carità - Quaderno n_ 3

Published by the Daughters of Charity of Turin, Italy, 1997 (157 pages)

These are booklets devoted to Vincentian spirituality. This number 3, presented by Giovanni Burdese, focuses on charity in general and simplicity in particular. It is divided into two parts. The first (an anthology of texts on simplicity) presents some passages of St. Vincent and St. Louise and some paragraphs from the old Common Rules, but it is not only on simplicity. The texts are presented as quotations from "Perfezione Evangelica."

The second part presents three portraits of the earliest Daughters of Charity: Barbe Angiboust, Jeanne Lepintre, and Julienne Loret. The three studies, of particular pertinence and beauty, are translated from the French.


Under the direction of Cesare Guasco

Federico Ozanam

un laico tra carità e cultura

Published by C.L.V., Vincentian Publications, Rome, 1997 (205 pages)

Via Pompeo Magno, 21 - 00192 Rome

The publication groups together a series of studies and articles by various authors, judged particularly significant and contemporary.

They are preceded by a brief presentation on the life of Frederick Ozanam and a list of his writings.

This is not the publication of a new study on Ozanam, but rather a "mixture" of texts from various sources, written from a modern point of view, whose purpose is to direct the reader toward an understanding of this figure under the spiritual and charitable aspects of his life, as well as his social, political, and cultural commitments.

Louise Camus-Marzin

Frédéric Ozanam

Published by Téqui, Paris, 1997 (166 pages)

This republication of an original work presents a biography of the principal founder of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, situating him in the political context of his epoch and offering him as a witness of faith and an apostle of charity at the service of the poor.

4 small booklets on Frederick Ozanam

- Pierre Pierrard et Amin A. de Tarrazi, Ozanam un saint laïc pour notre temps, published by Signe, Strasbourg, France, 1997 (48 pages). Large, very well illustrated publication.

- Federico Ozanam in mezzo a noi, published by the Italian National Council of the St. Vincent de Paul Society, Rome, 1997 (48 pages). Supplement to n_ 3/97 of the magazine La San Vincenzo in Italia.

- Relazioni e saggi su Federico Ozanam, (48 pages), published in n_ 4/97 of the magazine cited above.

- Areglio Collini, Federico Ozanam. Il cristiano, l'apologista, il vincenziano (24 pages), published in n_ 4/97 of the magazine cited above.

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