Msgr. Franc Rodé, C.M.

Memory and Conscience; Church plans in Slovenia.

(in Slovene)

After a rather personal presentation of the Christian past in Slovenia, from the 8th century to our own day, the author expounds the key ideas from which arise the Catholic awareness and the sense of belonging to the Church. The book closes with a lengthy reflection on the tasks of Christians in a country only just freed from communism, and in the midst of a people who have just gained their independence. Our confrere's work undoubtedly meets a fairly general expectation, hence its immediate success. A second edition is being prepared.

* * * * *

Jean-Pierre Renouard, C.M. and Jean-Yves Ducourneau, C.M.

Elisabeth Charpy, D.C. and Marie-Geneviève Roux, D.C.

Saint Vincent de Paul

Comme un grand feu

Editions du Signe, Strasbourg (60 pages)

This is a superb book with an excellent text magnificently illustrated by beautiful photos and documents presenting the life of St. Vincent as well as, in a center section, the missionary activities of the Congregation of the Mission and the Vincentian Family in France and other parts of the world. It is a good opportunity to make known to the public our founder and his family today.

* * * * *

Luigi Chierotti, C.M.

Il P. Giovanni Le Vacher (1619-1683)

Lo attacarono alla bocca di un cannone

Editions C.L.V. (Leonine College in Rome) (65 pages)

This fascinating book recounts the extraordinary biography of one of the first missionaries sent by St. Vincent to northern Africa, a hero who willingly chose to follow Christ.

* * * * *

"San Vicente y la Misión ad Gentes" (Collection)

Editions CEME, (Provincial House of Salamanca) (429 pages)

This book collects the conferences which were given at the "21st Week of Vincentian Studies," which took place last summer at the Provincial House of Salamanca.

* * * * *

Benito Martínez, C.M.

Empeñada en un paraíso para los pobres

Editions CEME, (Provincial House of Salamanca) (323 pages)

Through these pages, the fruit of many hours of research, study, and mediation in archives and libraries, we discover the extraordinary, even disconcerting, personality of Louise de Marillac.

The author presents to us with an impressive realism the continual struggle to which God submitted her. He permitted that she go through difficult trials, all the while supporting her and following her with his grace.

Reading this book will be a joy for those who are interested in the life and work of St. Louise.

* * * * *

Richard McCullen, C.M.

Deep Down Things

New City Press, New York. 1995 (753 pages)

Srs. Eleanor McNabb and Mary Ellen Sheldon, DC, former secretaries to Fr. McCullen, Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission and the Daughters of Charity, have published a collection of texts of Fr. McCullen, homilies, conferences, and letters which he gave during the 12 years he served as Superior General. From the more than 2000 documents available to them, they made a selection of texts, very well classified, covering a large range of subjects.

This book will be quality spiritual food and a precious instrument of meditation for all the members of the Vincentian Family, priests, brothers, sisters, laity, to whom Fr. McCullen knew how to address words both deep and warm.

* * * * *

Stafford Poole, C.M.

Our Lady of Guadalupe

The Origins and Sources of a Mexican National Symbol, 1531-1797

The University of Arizona Press, 1995. (325 pages)

The devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe, based on the story of the apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Juan Diego, an Indian neophyte, at the hill of Tepeyac in December 1531, is one of the most important formative religious and national forces in the history of Mexico. It has variously been interpreted as the source of Mexican national identity, a means of continuity between the Indian past and Spanish domination, a symbol of national liberation, and a way of evangelizing and pacifying the Indians. The aphorism "Mexico as born at Tepeyac" aptly summarizes its importance.

In this, the first work ever to examine in depth every historical source of the Guadalupe apparitions, Stafford Poole traces the origins and history of the account, and in the process challenges many commonly accepted assumptions and interpretations. This is revisionist history at its best and will undoubtedly provoke widespread scholarly debate.

* * * * *

Petar Tashev, C.M.

Source of Life

Bitola, 1995. (437 pages)

This is a very beautiful book of various prayers and devotions in the Macedonian language (close to Russian). It is richly illustrated by lovely images of the Lord taken from the art of both the oriental and occidental traditions. It is the first time that the Macedonian Catholic Church has seen such publication.

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