Vincentiana 1 - 2003

General Index - Year 2003

  1. Holy See

Beatification of Sr. Rosalie Rendu, DC, and Pontifical Ethiopian College, 257

Textum anglicum orationis Collectae atque Lectionis alterius Horarum in honorem Beati Marci Antonii Durando, presbyteri (Congregatio de Cultu Divino et Disciplina Sacramentorum), 258

II. General Curia

1. Letters of the Superior General

On the Provincial Treasurers Meeting (Rome, December 20, 2002), 7

Lent 2003, 1

Mission Appeal 2003 (Rome, October 15, 2003),

Advent 2003,

Appointments and Confirmations by the Superior General, 135,

2. Vincentian Family

To Thank for their Support of Vincentian Family Projects (Rome, December 3, 2002),

Letter of the Administrator of the Vincentian Solidarity Office (P. Campbell)

(November 9, 2002), 9

To announce a meeting of MISEVI (Mexico on July 30 - August 3, 2003)

(R. P. Maloney), 129

On the Day of Common Prayer (Rome, 10 May 2003),

“Jointly Responsible for Life: Jointly Involved Against Malaria” (Vincentian Family, 27.IX.2002 - 27.IX.2003),

Letter of the Superior General to the Visitors to urge the establishment of the AMM (Rome, September 20, 2003),


Information Sheet n. 7 On the work and decisions of SIEV (September 12 - 14, 2002), 136

Information Sheet n. 8. On the work and decisions of SIEV (September 11 - 13, 2003),

4. Statistics

2002 Annual Statistics of the Congregation of the Mission, 131

III. Feature

1. Provincial Treasurers Meeting (Rome, 4-9 November 2002)

Presentation (E. Bauer III), 11

Participants, 17

Program, 19

Chronicle (H. O'Donnell), 23

Provincial Treasurers (R. P. Maloney), 28

Spirituality and Sense of Mission of the Provincial Treasurer (P. Lamblin), 37

The Relationship between the Provincial Treasurer and the Visitor and his Council (J. Vergara), 44

The Relationship between the Provincial Treasurer and the Local Treasurers. (Formation of Local Treasurers) (M. Oabel), 49

Vincentian Solidarity Office (P. Campbell), 54

2. The Blessed Marcantonio Durando, C.M. (1801-1880)

Three Invitations of Blessed Fr. Marcantonio Durando to the C.M. of the Province of Turin and to the Vincentian Family (B. Gonella), 65

A Short Life of Blessed Marcantonio Durando, C.M. (1801-1880) (A group of Nazarene Sisters), 69

A Humble and Impassioned Witness to the Gospel (L. Nuovo), 81

The Unedited Collection of Blessed Marcantonio Durando (L. Chierotti), 85

The Chronological Course of the Cause of Beatification and the Miracle of Fr. Durando (R. D'Amico), 90

The Beatification of Marcantonio Durando, C.M. Chronicle (L. Galbiati), 93

Marcantonio Durando: The Decree on the Virtues (The Congregation for Causes of Saints), 102

3. The Visitors' Conferences of the C.M.

Presentation, 139

An Historical Overview of CLAPVI: The Latin American Conference of Vincentian Provinces (G. Naranjo Salazar), 141

Statutes of the CLAPVI. Revised in the Assembly of Curitiba in 2002, 148

The European Conference of Visitors of the Congregation of the Mission (CEVIM) (A. Zakręta), 157

Statutes of the CEVIM. Revised at the Dublin meeting, 2001, 166

The History of the Asia Pacific Visitors Conference (APVC) (H. O'Donnell), 168

“Statutes” of the APVC. Sydney (Australia), 11-15 April, 1994, 173

The History of the Conference of Visitors in Africa and Madagascar (COVIAM) (J. Zwolinski), 175

Statutes of the COVIAM. 2000, 181

History of the National Conference of the Visitors of the US (NCV) (J. Sledziona), 183

Statutes of NCV, 186

4. Feature: Shrines and Vincentian Mission

Shrines: Places of Mission (J. Landousies)

The Chapel of the Rue du Bac (J.D. Planchot)

Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Shrine Parish. Philippines (R. Regua)

The National Shrine of our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. Perryville, Missouri, U.S.A. (Ch. Shelby)

“Mary's Central Shrine ». Archdiocese of Philadelphia, U.S.A. (J. Kiernan and J. Hodnett)

The Sanctuary of St. Justin de Jacobis at Hebo (Eritrea) (A. Caccetta)

Shrine of Our Lady of Luján. Argentina (V. Sarasola)

IV. Life in the Congregation

A Short History of the Mission House in Panningen (Holland) and the Missionaries Who Were Sent from There to the Missions (G. Peeters),

“Singing Vincent de Paul's Song”. 100 Years in the Curitiba Province (E. Wisniewski and S. Valenga),

V. Study

Love is Creative Even to Infinity. In the Eucharist in the Vincentian Tradition (R. P. Maloney), 107

A Re-Reading of the Message of the Rue du Bac for Our Times (F. Quintano),

VI. Special Issues of Vincentiana

Practical Guide for the Local Superior

Table of Contents, 195

Presentation by the Superior General, Robert P. Maloney, C.M., 195

Introduction, 199

Chapter I. Foundation stones for good practice

  • The role of authority in the New Testament, 201

  • The role of the superior in the writings of St. Vincent, 202

  • The role of the local superior within a model of communion, 205

  • The role of the local superior within a community “for the mission”, 206

Chapter II. The local superior: Nomination, Formation, Term, Job Description, 207

Chapter III.Practical guidelines concerning ten important relationships of the local superior

  • With the Visitor and his council, 211

  • With the local community “ad instar Consilii” (S 79 § 3) or with the house council (if one exists), 211

  • With the domestic assembly, 213

  • With the assistant superior, 214

  • With the local treasurer, 214

  • With the members of the house as individuals, 215

  • With the poor, 217

  • With the members of the Vincentian Family, 217

  • With guests, 218

  • With the local ordinary and the local clergy, 218

Chapter IV.Practical guidelines concerning seven key moments in the life of the local community

  • Apostolate, 222

  • Prayer, 222

  • Meals, 223

  • Meetings, 223

  • Relaxation, 224

  • Nurturing new life, 225

  • Formulation of the Local Community Plan, 225


IA list of all the references in the Constitutions and Statutes to the local superior, 233

IISome models of the local Community Plan, 235

IIIBooks and files kept in the local community, 238

IVProfession of Faith and Oath of Fidelity, 240

VCitations from St. Vincent about the local superior, 242

Bibliography, 255

VII. Bibliography

  1. Vincentian Bibliography, 61,

  2. General Bibliography

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