VINCENTIANA, 99/ 6: La CM y el Jubileto año 2000


I. Holy See

Decree of Approbation of the Vincentian Marian Youth 89

Statutes of the International Association of the Vincentian Marian Youth 90

Decree of Approbation of MISEVI150

International Statutes of MISEVI151


II. General Curia

1. Superior General

Lent 1999 81

To the Visitors on the Internet Site of the Vincentian Family 85

On learning languages in the Congregation of the Mission 87

My hopes for the Congregation of the Mission over the next Six Years

(R. P. Maloney) 98

To the members of CEVIM (12-04-1999)145

On the new programs of CIF (12-06-1999)391 ??

On the Inter. Secretariat of the Vincentian Marian Youth (01-09-1999)394 ??

Mission Appeal 1999 (15-10-1999)396 ??

Advent 1999404 ??

Jubilee Letter (01-01-2000)407 ??

Appointments and Confirmations by the Superior General109, 160, 416 ??

2. Statistics

1998 Statistics of the Congregation of the Mission106

III. Feature

1. Groups and Persons Associated with the CM.

On Associating Groups and Persons with the Congregation of the Mission

(R. P. Maloney)111

2. The Challenges Presented by General Assembly 1998


To Collaborate with the Other Members of the Vicentian Family (B. Romo)162

Responding Together to the Cry of the Poor (J. Corera)169

Collaboration in Formation (J.I. Fernández de Mendoza)175

The International Missions (V. Bieler)187

New Means of Communication (J. Freund)191

3. The Great Jubilee of 2000

Morning and Evening Prayer in the Vincentian Community417 ??

The International Debt428 ??

The Death Penalty435 ??

The Jubilee in St. Vincent's Thought (A. Orcajo)441 ??

Toward the Third Millennium. The History of the Congregation

of The Mission: An Event For Which To Ask Forgiveness? (L. Mezzadri)449 ??

IV. Studies

Five Faces of Mary (R. P. Maloney)127

Ten Foundational Principles in the Social Teaching of the Church

(R. P. Maloney)201

V. Special Issues of Vincentiana

1. The Martyrs of the Vincentian Family in the 20th Century

Presentation (R. D'Amico) 1

Chinese Martyrs

The Boxer Persecution (1900-1907) 7

Sino-Japanese War (1942)14

The Communist Period (1934 and 1941-1972)16

Latin American Martyrs

Mexico (1917)23

Panama (1989)25


Eastern European Martyrs

Poland (1943)31

The Communist Period (1951-1978)33

Spanish Martyrs


Martyrs of the Congregation of the Mission43

Martyrs of the Company of the Daughters of Charity58

Martyrs of the Association of the Children of Mary Immaculate65

Martyrs of the Association of the Miraculous Medal71

Martyrs of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul72

2. Vincentian Meeting: Our Apostolate in the Moslem World

Fatqa, Liban: 26 July - 2 August 1999

Chonicle of the Meeting(I. Fernández Mendoza)219

Homily at the Opening Mass(I. Fernández Mendoza)231

"Don't be afraid of those who kill the body" (Luke 12: 4)

(His Beatitude Pierre Nasrallah, Cardinal Sfeir233

Welcoming Address(G. Bou Jaoudé)235

Various Trends in Contemporary Islam(J. Landousies)241

How I, as a believing and practicing Muslim,

look at the Christian faith (Hisham Nashabé)248

Saint Vincent and Islam(Y. Danjou)254

Monotheism and Trinity(Samir Khalil Samir)272

Is the Koran Revealed? Is Muhammad a Prophet?

A Christian point of view(Samir Khalil Samir)291

Revelation and Inspiration in Christianity and Islam(E.Platti)300

The Theologial Foundations of the Interfaith Dialogue

(P. Khaled Akasheh)314

Report on the Activities of the P.C.I.D.(P. Khaled Ahasheh)322

Christian Missionary Involvement vis-a-vis Moslems in the Near East

(His Beatitude Stephanos II Ghattas, C.M.)329

Work of the Austrian Province in Turkey(F. Kangler)337

The Institute of St. Justin de Jacobis(Group Confreres Austria)340

The Church in a Moslem Environment in Indonesia (A. Abimantrono)342

Testimony of an Academician among Moslem Academicians

(S. Reksosusilo)346

The Experience of Islam in Mozambique(M. Velo Martínez)348

Inculturation Taking Place: Experience of the Daughters of Charity

of the Near East Province (S. Marie-Claire Saad, D.C.)353

Daughters of Charity in Albania(Albanian DCs)360

Islam in Britain, A Short Summary(DCs - British Province)363

Dialogue and Cooperation with Moslems in Indonesia

Sr. Aloysia Sri Hastuti & Sr. Christa Sunaryatun, D.C.367

Christian - Muslim Relations in the Philippines (Sr. N. Manzano)369

Christian-Moslem Relationships in Eritrea(Sr. L. Lukas)372

Daughters of Charity in Tunisia(DCs - North Africa Province)375

Conclusions (J. Landousies)379

Words at the End of the Meeting(J. I. Fernández Mendoza)385

VI. Life in the Congregation

Pentecost on the Manampatrana River.

In the Wake of the Cyclone Gretelle in Madagascar (L. Elli)137

VII. Vincentian Bibliography

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