Robert P. Maloney, C.M.

Spiritualidad para diversos tiempos

Published by CEME, Salamanca, Spain, 1998 (229 pages)

This is the Spanish translation, by Fr. Rafael Sáinz, C.M., of Fr. Maloney's third book which appeared under the title, Seasons in Spirituality. Reflection on Vincentian Spirituality in Today's World (published by New City Press, New York, 1997). You will find a description of the book in Vincentiana 1997/6, p. 503.

Giuseppe Toscani, C.M.

La mystique des pauvres

Le charisme de la Charité

Published by Saint-Paul, Versailles, France, 1998 (168 pages)

"Fortunately, works on the spirituality of St. Vincent have multiplied in recent years. This has helped us to take great strides in understanding his spirit. A new field of understanding opens before us and we find new reasons to admire him. We are no longer just treating of a giant of charity, a creator, an innovator full of intelligence and power, but the heart of a saint!

It is difficult, however, to perceive the heart of a saint! One must have a refined spirit as well as controlled scholarship!

The book which you are going to read is a wonderful attempt to introduce us to this. The author knows his subject very well. Behind each of his affirmations, he could slip pages of notes and texts of St. Vincent. But he has gone much farther. He has sought to seize that which, in the very depths, made him live. One need only allow oneself to be led by him. Beyond the seriousness of the study, one enters into a true contemplation. There, one touches what St. Vincent loved most, his very heart, and that is really contemplation." (Extract of the Preface of Bernard Peyrous)

Alexandrette Bugnelli

Vincent de Paul

Une pastorale du pardon et de la Réconciliation

La confession générale

Co-Published by Editions Universitaires, Fribourg, Switzerland

and Cerf Editions, Paris, France, 1998 (441 pages)

This book reproduces the author's doctoral thesis in moral theology in which a precise aspect of the activity of St. Vincent is studied: his concern to help the poor make up for the greatest of all poverties, that which serious sins provoke, the loss of divine grace. He proposes that they completely hand over themselves and their entire past to God by a general confession. He is only original in this because he wants to procure this grace not for the city dwellers and the devout rich, but for those who suffer.

General confession is situated in St. Vincent's missionary thought and action, as well as in the larger historical, theological, and ecclesial context which has been well documented and studied. The author, for his research, consulted abundantly, notably the archives of the Motherhouse in Paris.

Bernard Pujo

Vincent de Paul

le précurseur

Published by Albin Michel, Paris, France, 1998 (380 pages)

This is a new biography of St. Vincent de Paul! It is a work for the general public, but it is a rigorous one with numerous notes giving all the references and applications. There is an eight-page section of illustrations in the middle. The author has already written the lives of Vauban and the Great Condé with the same publisher. He was attracted to Vincent de Paul when he saw his name appear several times while he was looking for information on others. He worked on this book for several years with the archivist of the Motherhouse in Paris and is up-to-date on the most recent discoveries in various archives. He tried to sift through the legends recounted about his subject in order to find the man as he lived in the turbulence of his era.

Frank M. Vargas, C.M.

Sent to do the Work of the Father

Published by Claretian Publications, Quezon City, Philippines, 1998 (132 pages)

This book is a collection of conferences that the author gave in various situations between 1990 and 1997, especially to various groups of the Vincentian Family (Daughters of Charity, AIC, Vincentian Marian Youth, Society of St. Vincent de Paul, etc.). Rooted in the Scriptures and the present-day teaching of the Church, especially on social matters, the book presents the charism of St. Vincent in the context of society today. It aims to bring a reply to the challenges of contemporary society and to help the reader commit himself/herself more fully in the evangelization of the poor.


DePaul University

Centennial Essays and Images

Published by DePaul University, Chicago, USA, 1998 (373 pages)

This book was published on the occasion of the centenary of this university in Chicago, which is directed by the Congregation of the Mission. DePaul, which has its origins in the modest St. Vincent College situated in a parish north of Chicago, is presently, with its 18,000 students, one of the largest Catholic universities in the world. The history, growth, and development of DePaul University is the theme of this volume as well as the presentation of the particular vision of higher education and values which have sustained this institution. It contains many archival photos.

Luigi Mezzadri, C.M.

Giovanna Antida Thouret

Il coraggio della carità

Published by San Paolo, Milan, Italy, 1998 (319 pages)

This is the biography of the foundress of the Congregation of Sisters of Charity of Besançon. Jeanne Antide Thouret had entered the Daughters of Charity in Paris, but in 1793, before she pronounced her vows, the revolutionary laws led to the dissolution of the Community. After trips abroad and many adventures, she returned to France in 1799 and opened a school for girls, beginning a new Congregation, inspired by the model of St. Vincent. It quickly crossed the border and was established in Naples.

Théodule Rey-Mermet

Nous avons entendu la voix des pauvres

Sainte Jeanne-Antide Thouret

Published by Nouvelle Cité, Montrouge, France, 1998 (636 pages)

This is also a biography of Jeanne Antide Thouret. The author is well known to the French public for his lively style, yet serious analysis based on much research. In the middle of the book there are 16 pages of beautiful illustrations in color.


Soeurs de la Charité de Strasbourg

Centennial Essays and Images

Published by Signe, Strasbourg, France, 1998 (60 pages)

This beautiful, large size, well-illustrated book, like those published by Signe to which we are accustomed, features this Congregation which is close to the Company of the Daughters of Charity and is part of the Vincentian Family.

Sr. Alfonsa Richartz, D.C.

Auf dem Weg met Vinzenz von Paul, Louise von Marillac

Vorträge, Ansprachen 1986-1998

Published in Kommern, Germany, 1998 (180 pages)

This is a collection of lectures given in several different places and on several occasions, many of them for MEGVIS (Central European Vincentian Studies) meetings and for members of the German Vincentian Federation. The author is a Daughter of Charity of the Province of Cologne, Germany, very well known in the German-speaking Vincentian world. As an expert with a very inspiring style, she always has something refreshing to say. She speaks: about Vincentian identity; about the realism of Vincent de Paul, his great confidence in God, and his idea of martyrdom; about the vows; about the holiness of Louise de Marillac and her pedagogy as seen from her correspondence with the Daughters of Charity; about inculturation of the charism in an ever changing world. These are just a few of the subjects she treats. This collection of lectures is certainly worth reading.

Giuseppe Menichelli, C.M.

Non più stranieri né ospiti ma concitadini (Ef. 2,19)

Collection "Orientamenti di Azione Vincenziana," n_ 46

Published by the St. Vincent de Paul Society, Rome, Italy, 1998 (64 pages)

This small booklet offers thoughts on the problem of immigration in the context of Italian society today. Also included are nine reflection themes with a presentation of text from the magisterium and questions.

Anton Srholec

Light from the Depths

of Jachymov Concentration Camps

Published by Michal Vasko, Presov, Slovakia, 1996 (198 pages)

This book is a testimony on the persecution of the Church in Slovakia and Bohemia under the Communist regime. It also recounts the life of Ján Havlik, a student of the Congregation of the Mission who spent 11 years in prison and died a year after his release, at the age of 37, from an illness he contracted there. This book is dedicated to the memory of this confessor of the faith.

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