Statutes of the European Conference of Visitors of the C.M.

Revised at the Dublin meeting, 2001.

Article 1. The Conference of European Visitors is composed of the provinces of Europe and the Middle East. (Abbreviated CEVIM)

Article 2.CEVIM has as its goal the promotion of information and collaboration among these provinces in the area of formation and mission.

Article 3.CEVIM looks to a better understanding of the Vincentian Family, and to a deepening of the Vincentian spirit by promoting contacts and exchanges in the area of formation and missionary activity, and by developing methods and means for the initiation of youth in the Vincentian spirit.

Article 4. The council (troika) is formed of:

  • The Visitor of the province where the meeting was held the previous year;

  • The Visitor of the province where the next meeting will be held during the current year;

  • The Visitor of the province where the meting will be held the following year. This “new” visitor will be chosen at the end of the annual meeting.

The Visitors jointly name a secretary, who is not a Visitor, for a term of three years, renewable once.

Article 5. The Council of the Three prepares the annual meeting after consulting all the Visitors.

Article 6.CEVIM meetings are held once a year. For the year when a General Assembly is held, and the year of the meeting of all the Visitors of the world, CEVIM will meet before or after these other meetings.

The annual meeting will take place the second week after Easter, beginning at least on Wednesday.

Article 7. Decisions will be made by simple majority vote of the Visitors present.

A two-thirds majority is, however, required in cases of modifying the statutes or of adding new articles.

Article 8.If, for reasons of sickness or for any other similar reason a Visitor of a Vice-Visitor cannot take part in the annual meeting, he may send his Assistant as a replacement, or some other member of his Provincial Council.

Article 9.The Council of Three will look to the application of decisions already made. Since each province maintains its autonomy, the decisions taken by CEVIM are not implemented in a province until the Provincial Council gives its approval.

Article 10.Travel expenses and lodging are the responsibility of each province individually. The expenses of the Council of Three and of the secretariat are the common responsibility of the provinces. Exceptions can be made for provinces in difficulty.

Article 11.Within the framework of the new evangelization recommended by the Holy Father, CEVIM will promote all kinds of pastoral collaboration among the provinces in the launching of new initiatives on a Europe-wide level, such as mission projects and language study, etc.

Article 12. CEVIM will set up links with the General Curia and with other Conferences of Visitors existing in the Congregation.

(JOHN RYBOLT, C.M., translator)


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