Rosalie Rendu Home (Shelter for Women)

(Cologne, Germany)

Name and addressFoyer Rosalie Rendu

of Project Gocher Str. 45, D-50733 KOLN

Sponsoring GroupDaughters of Charity

Merheimer Str. 217, D-50733 KOLN

Planning Group- Daughters of Charity

(Sr. Cypriana, Sr. Ute, and Sr. Irmina)

- International Association of Charity (Mrs. Sturm)

- Diocesan Committee of Volunteers

(Mrs. Bruder, Mrs. Schmitz)

- Caritas of the city of Cologne (Mr. Hengefeld)

Supervision- Councillor of the organization : Mr. Ansgar Munsterjohan, Cologne

Collaborative Partners- Daughters of Charity (Cologne)

- Association of Diocesan Volunteers (Cologne)

- Caritas, diocesan group of the city of Cologne

- Confraternities of Charity in Germany (Freiburg)

- Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Germany (Cologne)

- Vincentian priests (Cologne)

- Parishes in the city of Cologne

TeamThree Daughters of Charity work closely with the volunteers, a certain number of whom, they themselves have recruited and formed.

Social ContextCologne, a city of about a million inhabitants, is witnessing, like all large cities of Europe, a growing number of homeless women. The causes of this are numerous: unemployment, divorce, drug abuse, alcoholism, violence. Nowadays, the problem of homeless women is becoming more and more of a concern in the area of social work.

Target GroupHomeless women, degraded and disadvantaged, who are living in situations void of human dignity, who are threatened in their very existence, and who have no other means of assistance.

ActivitiesIn a small community of three Daughters of Charity, located in the center of the city of Cologne, not far from the Provincial House, the following services are offered, in collaboration with other partners in the project:

- information about available assistance provided by the team

- available for the homeless women are:

- 7 bedrooms for the women in good health

- 3 bedrooms with 4 beds for the sick

- availability of emergency hospitalization in the former hospital of the Daughters of Charity, which is located near the shelter

- availability of Social Service of the Association of Catholic Men and Caritas to assist with financial problems

- assistance by professionals and institutions for health needs, social and family problems and drug addiction

- assisting in finding housing and employment

- spiritual care

- possibility of employment in a sewing shopwhich is run by the Association of Catholic Women


- renovation of a house with 30 bedrooms

- sisters' salaries


- contributions by the homeless women hemselves

- money saved through the work of volunteers

- grants from public institutions

- renting of one part of the house from the Association of Catholic Women

- donations


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