Robert P. Maloney, C.M.

He Hears the Cry of the Poor

Published by New City Press

I offer this small book to all those who are seeking to give their lives to God in the service of the poor.

St. Vincent's are filled with good humor, wisdom, spiritual insight, and sound practical advice. His talks to the Daughters of Charity have warmth and charm. His conferences to the missionaries vibrate with Christ-centeredness and missionary zeal.

But it is not enough to study him. St. Vincent holds out an alternative world to us and he asks us to enter into it. It is a world where the poor are the masters and where we are their servants. His is a particular interpretation, and today an especially appealing one, of the world to which Jesus invites us in the gospel. It is a world where the key attitudes are simplicity, humility, and charity, and where the cross is the "royal road." It is a world where the last are first and the first are last. It is a world which, in some ways, is upside down.

May I invite you to enter into St. Vincent's world?

Frances Ryan, D.C. and John Rybolt, C.M.

Vincent de Paul and Louise de Marillac, Rules, Conferences, and Writings

in the collection Classics of Western Spirituality # 84 (Paulist Press)

Here is a worthy contribution to the Classics of Western Spirituality series that focuses on Vincent de Paul and Louise de Marillac. It presents the main lines of the spiritual teaching of these two Vincentian founders who left an indelible mark on the Church of France in the 1600's and beyond to the present. The introduction situates Vincent and Louise within the framework of the spirituality of seventeenth century France and provides solid background information on them, as well as a true use of their spirituality and their influence on us today.

Msgr. Franc Rodé, C.M.

Memory and Conscience; Church plans in Slovenia.

(in Slovene)

After a rather personal presentation of the Christian past in Slovenia, from the 8th century to our own day, the author expounds the key ideas from which arise the Catholic awareness and the sense of belonging to the Church. The book closes with a lengthy reflection on the tasks of Christians in a country only just freed from communism, and in the midst of a people who have just gained their independence. Our confrere's work undoubtedly meets a fairly general expectation, hence its immediate success. A second edition is being prepared.

Jaime Corera CM

El signo de estos tiempos. Contribucion a una teologia vicentiana de la liberacion.

Editorial La Milagrosa, Garcia de Paredes, 45, 28010 Madrid

This book is not on liberation theology, but an aid to reflecting on certain ideas and practices of St Vincent de Paul from the special perspective of liberation theology.

Jaime Corera gives us a preliminary sketch of Vincentian liberation theology in ten clarification theses:

1. The personal basis: the (preferential) option for the poor.

2. The mystical basis: Jesus Christ, a model of following the option for the poor.

3. The historical basis: seeking the kingdom of God and his justice.

4. The theological basis: the need for thought-out action.

5. Methodology: see, judge, act.

6. Liberation of the poor, a sign for all times.

7. Beneficial action, political action.

8. Liberation of the poor and "architecture" of the Church.

9. The liberation of those who are not poor.

10. The universal sense of liberation theology.

(Translator Thomas Davitt CM)

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