General Index

of Articles in Vincentiana


Emeric Amyot d'Inville, C.M.

Editor of Vincentiana

This general index of articles in Vincentiana for the years 1991-1998 continues the one Fr. John de los Rios prepared for the years 1981-1990 when he completed his term as editor of the magazine in 1993. There was some urgency to making this new general index, without waiting for the end of this decade, because an annual index has not been published since 1993. It must, therefore, be difficult to look for articles.

The general index of 1981-1990 gave a triple classification to the same articles (by chronological order of publication, by alphabetical order of titles or themes, and by alphabetical order of authors). This time there is a single classification by areas: 1) the Acts of the Holy See; 2) the General Assemblies; 3) the General Curia; 4) the Various Studies; 5) the Features of Vincentiana; 6) the Special Issues of Vincentiana; 7) the Life of the Congregation. These areas are subdivided into several parts within which the articles are listed in chronological order. Moreover, in order to facilitate research, while avoiding repetition of titles, the six parts of the fourth area "Various Studies" are followed by referrals to other places in the general index where articles on the area in question can be found.

Finally, it should be noted that homilies, notes on deceased confreres, and the bibliographic inventory, considered less useful for research, are not included in this index.

In the near future, we hope to put this general index both on the Vincentian CD-Rom and on an Internet site available to everyone in order to facilitate research. We also hope to be able to insert the general index of Fr. John de los Rios for the years 1981-1990.

I. Acts of the Holy See

II.General Assemblies

1. 38th General Assembly C.M. (1992)

2. 39th General Assembly C.M. (1998)

III.General Curia

1. Letters of the Superior General

2. Documents of the General Council

3. Government of the Congregation of the Mission

4. Statutes approved by the Superior General

5. Statistics of the C.M.

6. Other

IV. Various Studies

1. St. Vincent

2. History of the C.M. and important Vincentian figures

3. Vincentian Spirituality

4. Vincentian Family

5. Juridical Aspects

6. Apostolate (popular missions, formation of the clergy, missions ad gentes, etc.)

V. Features of Vincentiana

VI. Special Issues of Vincentiana

1. Vincentian Month 1993

2. The Vincentian Family

3. Instruction on Stability, Chastity, Poverty and Obedience in the Congregation of the


4. Meeting of the Visitors of the Congregation of the Mission - Salamanca

5. Vincentian Month 1997

VII. Life of the Congregation

I. Acts of the Holy See

Letters of the Pope John Paul II

- Alle Figlie della Carità1991, 250

- A S. E. Mons. Jaime Brufau C. M.1991, 254

Congregation of the Causes of Saints:

Decreto sulle virtù eroiche del SdD F.Ozanam1993, 533

Decree on the miracle obtained by the intercession of J.G. Perboyre1996, 71

Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life:

Statuta Societatis Immaculatae Conceptionis a Sacro Numismate immutantur:

mutationum approbationis Decretum1991, 2

Superioris Generalis C. M. Litterae petitoriae1991, 3

Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments:

Novi Ordinis Benedictionis et Impositionis Sacri Numismatis BMV Immaculatae approbatio1991, 5

Novus Ordo Benedictionis et Impositionis Sacri Numismatis BMV Immaculatae1991, 6

Novus Ordo Impositionis (cum laicus delegatus numismataiam benedicta imponit)1991, 10

Apostolic Penitenziaria

Decrees of the Apostolic Penitenziaria1995, 329

II. General Assemblies

1. XXXVIII General Assembly C.M. (1992)

Reflection on the State of the Congregation1992, 274

Closing Address to the Assembly1992, 296

Introductory Letter1992, 359

Letter to the Confreres1992, 362

Statutes et decrees of the 38th General Assembly

Postulata adprobata tamquam Statuta1992, 389

Decreta Conventus Generalis XXXVIII1992, 390

Various talks at the General Assembly

Nueva Evangelización: Un Testimonio (D. Vásquez)1992, 392

Formar un Hombre Nuevo (J. A. Ubillús).1992, 407

New Communities (J. E. Claffey)1992, 419

Evangelizare Pauperibus (L. Mezzzadri)1992, 429

Le Volontarie di fronte ai Poveri di Oggi (D. Grandi)1992, 439

"Les pauvres... C'est là mon poids et ma douleur" (A. de Tarrazi)1992, 449

Juventudes Marianas Vicencianas de España (J. M. Lusarreta)1992, 457

Méditation pour la journée de récollection (S. Sarneel)1992, 467

Saludo a la Asamblea (Sor J. Elizondo)1992, 478

La Congrégation de la Mission et la Compagnie des Filles de la Charité (M. Lloret)1992, 481

La Figura Constitucional del Superior General (M. Pérez Flores)1992, 489

El Oficio de Vicario General (M. Pérez Flores)1992, 507

O Ofício dos Assistentes Generales (L. Palú)1992, 509

L'Office d'Assistant des Missions (L. Lauwerier)1992, 512

Relación del Procurador General (M. López Quintas).1992, 516

Relazione del Postulatore Generale (G. Guerra)1992, 532

Some apostolic experiences

Among the Scavengers (S. Peralta)1992, 568

Ghebre Michael Inn (P. Campbell)1992, 569

The Hour Chapina (M. Heinen)1992, 570

Eucharistic Communities (U. Osuji)1992, 571

La Médaille Miraculeuse - Paris (R.. Facélina)1992, 572

Un Effort d'Inculturation (J. Zwolinski).. 1992, 574

La foi d'un païen (Fr. Benolo).1992, 575

En Busca de los más Pobres (D. Vásquez) 1992, 577

L'Evangelizzazione dei Poveri - Torino (G. Turati).1992, 578

A Formação do 'Homem Novo' (J. Pires de Almeida).1992, 581

IPAR, una Experiéncia de Formação (A. van den Berg)1992, 583

Wie Leben Wir in Rumänien (T. Dusik)1992, 584

Reports of continental groups

North America1992, 586

Asia - Oceania1992, 587

Europe Centrale (CEVIM)1992, 587

Afrique et Madagascar (COVAM)1992, 588

América Latina (CLAPVI)1992, 589

Reports of mixed groups

Diocesan and Lay Formation (F. Marín)1992, 593

Parishes (B. Quinn)1992, 594

Théologat Vincentien Interafricain (J. Zwolinski)1992, 595

Laïcat Vincentien (R. Facélina)1992, 597

L'Islam (Y. Daniou)1992, 598

Mission Populaire (A. Sylvestre)1992, 599

Formación de los Nuestros (G. Naranio)1992, 600

Nuevas Formas de Pobreza (T. Cordero)1992, 601

Cooperazione Internazionale per le Missioni (G. Turati)1992, 602

Some personal speeches in the hall

Islam et Nouvelle Evangélisation (J. Landousies)1992, 606

Re-Evangélisation (G. Aboujaoudé)1992, 607

Les Pauvres et la Nouvelle Evangélisation (A. Stres)1992, 608

Nueva Evangelización, Hombres Nuevos (M. Pérez Flores)1992, 610

Nueva Evangelización, Comunidades Renovadas (G. Naranjo)1992, 612

Hombre Nuevo en la Sociedad de Vida apostolica (F. Quintano)1992, 613

Situación Actual y Futura de la Iglesia en el Mundo (Fr. Sampedro)1992, 614

Homens Novos (A. van den Berg)1992, 617

Crónicas de la Asamblea (J. de los Ríos)1992, 619

2. XXXIX General Assembly (1998)

Letter from His Eminence Cardinal Angelo Sodano, on the part of

Pope John Paul II for the occasion of the 39th General Assembly1998, 193

Lists of the participants at the 1998 General Assembly.1998, 194

Relation of the General Assembly 1998 (E. Amyot d'Inville)1998, 201

Preliminary Talks

Opening of the General Assembly (R.P. Maloney)1998, 207

Work done by the Preparatory Commission for the 1998 GA (C.J. Delgado) 1998, 209

From Common Spiritual Heritage to Shared Service of the Poor (Zeracristos Yosief)1998, 219

Reports of the General Curia

State of the Congregation of the Mission, July 1998 (R.P. Maloney)1998, 225

Statistical Report on the Congregation of the Mission (E. Amyot d'Inville)1998, 234

The General Secretariat. Correspondence - Councils - Publications of the General Curia (E. Amyot d'Inville) 1998, 253

Report by the Assistant to the Mission for the General Assembly (V. Bieler)1998, 258

Contacts with the Vincentian Family (L. Palú)1998, 262

The International Formation Center St. Vincent De Paul (C.I.F.)

(J.E. Rybolt and K. Stelmach)1998, 265

The Activities of S.I.E.V. (R. Lovera)1998, 272

Visits to the Provinces and Vice-Provinces (I.G. Zedde)1998, 276

The Causes of Saints of the Vincentian Family (R. D'Amico).1998, 279

Office of the Procurator General (R. Delagoza) 1998, 285

Week of the Vincentian Family

Presentations of the panel of the Vincentian Family:

- The International Association of Charity (A.I.C.) (P. Palacios de Nava)1998, 291

- The Congregation of the Mission (V. Bieler)1998, 295

- The Daughters of Charity de St. Vincent de Paul (Sr. T. Remonatto)1998, 298

- The Vincentian Marian Youth. JMV of Spain (E. Urdampilleta)1998, 302

- The Society of St. Vincent de Paul (C. Nunes Viana)1998, 305

- Reflections on the Work of Mission in Ireland (M. Treanor).1998, 307

- The Religious of Saint Vincent de Paul (Y. Laroche)1998, 310

- The Association of the Miraculous Medal (C. Shelby)1998, 312

- The Sisters of Charity of St. Jeanne-Antide Thouret

(Sr. M.-A. Henriot)1998, 314

- Federation of the Sisters of Charity of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

(Sr. T. Capria)1998, 318

- The Sisters of Charity of Strasbourg and their Federation (Sr. D. Baumann)1998, 320

Vincentian Charism and Spirit (Sr. J. Elizondo)1998, 323

The Vincentian Family: An overall Vision (J.I. Fernández de Mendoza)1998, 341

The Vincentian Family as Missionary (R.P. Maloney)1998, 354

The Actions of the International Association of Charity. Collaboration with the other

Branches of the Vincentian Family (P. Palacios de Nava)1998, 365

Decisions of the General Assembly of 1998

Elections of the Superior General and the General Council1998, 381

Past Decrees confirmed by the 1998 General Assembly .1998, 382

Final Document1998, 384

Closing Address General Assembly 1998 (R. P. Maloney) 1998, 398

III. General Curia

1.Letters of the Superior General

Advent 19901991, 14

Lent 19911991, 17

Sobre la presentación del documento "Hermanos para la Misión" (18-2-91) 1991, 75

Advent 19911991, 256

Lent 19921992, 2

A las Juventudes Marianas Vicentinas (J.M.V.) (22-1-92)1992, 5

A los participantes en el Encuentro de CLAPVI en Ypacaraí (10-10-91)1992, 7

A la Asamblea de la Clapvi (25-6-92)1992, 160

Advent 19921992, 550

Mission Appeal (9-10-92)1992, 539

On the International Center for Vincentian Studies (10-11-92)1992, 544

Lent l9931993, 1

On the New International Missions (15-4-93)1993, 4

About his Journey in Mainland China (20-4-93)1993, 8

To the Executive Secretary CLAPVI (19-6-93)1993, 121

(du sec. gén.) Sur la modification du Statut 68 (30.09.93)1993, 554

Sobre los poderes del Superior General y de los Visitadores (30.09.93)1993, 536

On the 1993 Mission Appeal (06.10.93)1993, 541

Advent 19931993, 548

On the International Center for Ongoing Formation in Paris (11-12-93)1993, 551

An Invitation to the International Formation Center (11-12-93)1993, 553

On the Material of the Commission on Prayer (13-12-93)1993, 555

On the Commission on Prayer (13-12-93)1993, 556

Lent 19941994, 2

On the Appointment of Fr. Fernando Quintano as Director General of the Daughters

of Charity (21-1-94)1994, 5

On the Commission on Means of Mass Comunication (24-1-1994)1994, 7

On his Trip to Mainland China (April 28, 1994).1994, 105

On the Commission on Prayer (May 19, 1994)1994, 109

On the 1994 Mission Appeal (October 1, 1994)1994, 191

Advent 19941994, 381

On the Missions in Eastern Europe (1-1-95)1995, 3

Lent 19951995, 5

On the upcoming canonization of John Gabriel Perboyre, (20-4-95)1995, 66

On the upcoming meeting of all the Visitors in Salamanca (21-4-95)1995, 68

On the meeting in Paris of those responsible for the four branches of the Vincentian

Family1995, 137

On the new missions (20-10-95) 1995, 201

Advent 19951995, 207

Lent 19961996, 75

On the Canonization of J.G. Perboyre (29-1-96)1996, 78

On the meeting of the Vincentian Family (22-2-96)1996, 135

On the day of common prayer (30-5-96)1996, 427

Announcing the 1997 Vincentian Month 1997 on the Popular Mission (31-5-96)1996, 429

Inviting the participation of sisters and lay missionaries in the

Vincentian Month 1997 (4-7-96)1996, 430

On the Resource Book of texts for Vincentian morning and evening prayer (27-9-96)1996, 431

Convoking the 1998 General Assembly (1-9-96)1996, 433

Mission Appeal letter (19-10-96)1997, 1

Advent 19961997, 5

On the date and place of the 1998 General Assembly (25-1-97)1997, 65

Lent 1997 1997, 67

The Vincentian Family meeting, 17-18 January 1997 (15-2-97)1997, 70

On the annual day of prayer of the Vincentian Family (29-6-97)1997, 445

Mission Appeal 1997 (19-10-97)1997, 447

Advent 19971997, 456

In response to the 10 propositions of the participants of the Vincentian Month 1997

(24-12-97)1998, 1

Lent 19981998, 3

Requesting the provinces to establish an Internet connection (19-3-98)1998, 65

On the meeting in Paris of those responsible for the principal branches

of the Vincentian Family (22-2-98)1998, 129

On the Vincentian Family's annual day of prayer (1-5-98)1998, 133

To give information on the Vincentian Assembly (23-5-98)1998, 135

To request the prayers of the Vincentian Family for the upcoming General Assembly

(Ascension Thursday 1998)1998, 138

For the Internet site of the Vincentian Family (opened on June 6, 1998)1998, 139

Mission Appeal 19981998, ?

Advent 19981998, ?

2.Documents of the General Council

Hermanos para la Misión1991, 77

De maioritate in electione Visitatoris requisita - Statutum 681993, 535

Poderes del Superior General y de los Visitadores (30.09.93)1993, 537

3.Government of the Congregation of the Mission

Decretum Erectionis Provinciae Zairensis1991, 173

Decretum Suppresionis Provinciae Belgicae1991, 174

Decretum Erectionis Vice-Provinciae Sancti Justini de Jacobis in Aethiopia1992, 166

Decretum alterum circa eiusdem Vice-Provinciae delimitationem territorialem1992, 167

4.Statutes approved by the Superior General

Statuts de la CEVIM (Conférence Européenne des Visiteurs de la C. M.)1991, 301

New Statutes of the Miraculous Medal Association.1998, 79

Statutes of MISEVI. Lay Vincentian Missionaries1998, 141

5.Statistics of C.M.

Statistica 1990 1991, 88

Statistica 19911992, 11

Statistica 19921993, 15

Statistica 1993 1994, 11

Statistics 1994 1995, 142

An interpretation of the Statistics Years 1990 - 1994 (V. Bieler) 1995, 146

Statistics 19951996, 139

The 1995 statistics, assessment of a crisis and opportunities for the future

(E. Amyot d'Inville)1996, 148

Statistics 19961997, 77

Statistics 19971998, 83

Statistical report of the Congregation of the Mission (E. Amyot d'Inville)1998, 234

6. Miscellaneous

Synode des Evêques sur la formation des prêtres (1990,1991)

A Contribution to the Synod (R. McCullen)1991, 36

Il Sinodo 1990 (Intervista al Padre Generale) (G. Guerra)1991, 47

Interventi C.M. al Sinodo 19911991, 565

Synode des Evêques sur la Vie Consacrée (1994)

Reflections on the Synod of 1994 (R. P. Maloney).1994, 361

Intervention of R. P. Maloney, C.M..1994, 368

Intervention de S.B. Stéphanos II Ghattas, C.M.1994, 371

Intervención de Mons. Mario Entique Ríos Mont, C.M.1994, 374

La testimonianza della presenza della vita consacrata nel mondo (Mons. Tadeusz Goc_owski, C.M.)1994, 376

Al servicio de los pobres a partir de un estilo de vida pobre (S. Juana Elizondo, H.C.)1994, 379

PCGA 92 (Preparatory Commission) First Session

Lettre de la Commission Préparatoire à tous les Visiteurs1991, 29

Premier Questionnaire (Lignes d'Action 86)1991, 31

Deuxième Questionnaire (Thème de l'AG 92)1991, 34

PCGA 92. Second Session

Documents donnés par la Commission.1991, 517

Elenchus Participantium CG 921991, 562


"Documentum Laboris" of the 39th General Assembly of 19981998, 67

Postulates of the XXXIX General Assembly 1998 passed on by it to the General Superior1998, ?

Postulator General

Servi di Dio della Famiglia Vincenziana - Suor Giuseppina Nicòli, FdC (G. Guerra)1992, 233

Clausura del Proceso Diocesano de canoniszación de la Sierva de Dios Justa Domínguez

de Vidaurreta HC1993, 617

The causes for Beatification and Canonization in the Vincentian Family (I and II)

(G. Guerra) 1995, 9, 71

The Causes for Canonization in the Vincentian Family (R. D'Amico)1996, 397

The Cause for the Canonization of the Servant of God Sister Anna Cantalupo, DC

(L. Bommarito)1997, 130

The Causes of the Saints of the Vincentian Family (R. D'Amico).1998, 279


Information sheet on the work and decisions of SIEV, n° 1 (R. Lovera)1997, 74

Information sheet on the work and decisions of SIEV n° 2 (R. Lovera)1997, 460

The Activities of SIEV1998, 272

Information Sheet on the work and decisions of S.I.E.V. n° 3 (R. Lovera) 1998, ?

IV. Various Studies

1. St. Vincent

S. Vincenzo e S. Luisa: il cammino parallelo di due Santi per la salvezza dei poveri

(G. Giornelli)1991, 90

Au pays dont je suis... (R. McCullen). 1991, 188

Chez les Moras à «Peyroux» (Orthevielle): Vincent de Paul et sa branche maternelle

(R. Pidou)1992, 98

Monsieur Vincent l'audacieux! (J. P. Renouard).1992, 117

La tentation contre la foi de M. Vincent (G. van Winsen)1993, 48

La vie mystique chez Monsieur Vincent (B. Kock)1993, 125

Les rôles des laics dans l'Eglise selon S. Vincent. Un exemple: Ste Louise de Marillac

(B. Koch)1994, 37

Monsieur Vincent, homme d'équilibre (J.-P. Renouard).1994, 201

L'Image de la Coquille chez Monsieur Vincent (G. van Winsen).1994, 222

Itinéraire de Monsieur Vincent. Des malheurs du temps à la Mission (I et II)

(B. Koch).1994, 262 and 1994, 417

An unpublished letter of St. Vincent. A 1645 submission (B. Koch) .1998, 58

Organismes d'études vincentiennes1998, ?

(See also: Features 3, 4 and 10; The Vincentian Months of 1993 and 1997)

2. History of the C.M. and important Vincentian figures

St. Justin de Jacobis and His Pastoral Method (K. O'Mahoney).1991, 122

The Ethiopian Catholic Church at the Time of the Lazarist Fathers (K. O'Mahoney).1991, 129

Mons. Emilio Lissón y Chávez, C. M. (R. Sáinz).1991, 261

Traslación de los restos de Mons. Lissón, (J. Mulet)1991, 266

Codex Sarzana, transcribed (J. E. Rybolt)1991, 303

Janez Fran_išek Gnidovec (Th. Davitt)1992, 119

Les tribulations des reliques de saint Vincent (Ph. Torneaud)1993, 54

Montecitorio (G. Ciuoli)1993, 57

Margarita Naseau, Primera Hija de la Caridad (M. León)1993, 152

Il testo italiano del "Catechismo amarico" del De Jacobis (G. Guerra). 1993, 560

Nel 50 della morte ci piace ricordare l'eroica figura del Padre Giuseppe Morosini,

missionario vincenziano (R. F. Esposito)1994, 168

L' OEuvre des Lazaristes dans les Balkans (Y. Daniou).1994, 225

Au Pays de M. Pouget (A. Sylvestre).1994, 277

Hommage à un Savant. M. Armand David (1826-1900) (A. Sylvestre).1994, 301

Gualà: 150 anni fa De Jacobis fondava il primo Seminario in Etiopia (G. Guerra)1994, 331

1864-1994: 130 anni dalla morte di Monsignor Lorenzo Biancheri, C.M. (V. Lazzatini).1994, 338

La "Lista" dei Procuratori Generali presso la S. Sede e dei Postulatori Generali per le

Cause dei Santi (G. Guerra).1994, 387

Father Gui Tianjue, C.M., Confessor of the Faith in China, (Omnis Terra)1995, 60

Priest of the Mission for what purpose? A study of the development of the French

Provinces from 1810-1960. (A. Sylvestre)1995, 363

Théodoric Pedrini C.M. (1670-1746) : The Emperor's Musician (A. Sylvestre)1995, 374

The emblem and motto of the Congregation of the Mission, (J E. Rybolt)1995, 380

Two Hundred Years Ago ... : Pierre-René Rogue. (J. Landousies)1996, 206

Fr. André Dodin's contribution to Vincentian Studies (J.-P. Renouard)1997, 125

(See also: Features 6, 7, 8, 11, 12 and 14; Vincentian Month 1993; and Instruction... Vows, ch. VI.)

3. Vincentian Spirituality

The Poor as the Starting Point for Vincentian Studies: a Liberation Hermeneutic

(J. Prager)1991, 140

The Shadow Side of the Vincentian Mission (J. P. Prager)1995, 185

La théologie de la pauvreté (B. Koch).1991, 191

Los Dones de Santa Luisa de Marillac. El futuro de un Legado (R. McCullen)1991, 176

San Vicente y la Nueva Evangelización (A. Rigazio)1992, 20

Prier avec "Jésus en agonie" (L. Lauwerier).. . 1992, 100

Listening as the Foundation for Spirituality (R. P. Maloney)1992, 170

La Inculturación del Evangelio en el Nuevo Mundo (S. Poole)1992, 188

The Cross in Vincentian Spirituality (R. P. Maloney)1993, 25

A la recherche de «traces» (M. Vansteenkiste)1993, 203

Providence Revisited (R. P. Maloney)1993, 594

El perfil misionero del vicenciano hoy (J.I. Fernández de Mendoza)1994, 20

La espiritualidad vicenciana del Laico Vicenciano (J. I. Fernández de Mendoza)1994, 114

Identidad de los ministerios de la Congregación de la Misión (M. Pérez Flores).1994, 124

The Maternal Face of Jesus - A note on Vincent de Paul (R. P. Maloney).1994, 144

Espiritualidad Misionera de San Vicente a la Luz de la "Redemptoris Missio" (O. Ortiz)1994, 246

Carità Cristiana e Società odierna di Giuseppe Turati, C.M.1994, 254

Apostolic Reflection (H. O'Donnell).1994, 282

On Being a Missionary Today (R. P. Maloney).1994, 317

Vincentian Discernment (H. O'Donnell).1994, 432

A Further Look at "Gentleness" (R. P. Maloney)1995, 285

Mental Prayer: Yesterday and Today. Some Reflections on the Vincentian Tradition

(R. P. Maloney)1995, 113

On Selling the Chalices.... (R. P. Meloney)1996, 191

A Call to Prophetic Witness (R. P. Maloney)1996, 463

Friendship and Evangelization in the Vincentian Tradition (P. Collins)1998, 45

"The Beautiful Acarie" (R. P. Maloney)1997, 186

The Spirituality of Societies of Apostolic Life (R. P. Maloney).1997, 479

The Inculturation of the Consecrated Life in the Madagascar Context (B. Ramaroson) 1997, 488

An Upside-Down Sign. The Church of Paradox (R. P. Maloney)1998, 180

Five Faces of Mary (R. P. Maloney)1998, ?

Basic Bibliography for the Formation of Our Own1998, ?

(See also: GA 92; GA 98; the letter of the Superior General; Features 6 and 8; the Vincentian Months of 1993 and 1997; Instruction...Vows; the Visitors' Meeting in Salamanca)

4. Vincentian Family

The Extended Vincentian Family - A Genealogical Prospective - An Overview of the VSI Family Tree Project (B. A. McNeil).1994, 212

La extensión Misionera actual de ambas Congregaciones: C.M., HH.CC.

(I. Fernández Mendoza).1994, 393

Genealogical Development of the Vincentian Family (B. A. McNeil)1997, 43

The Moderator of Vincentian Movements (L. Palú)1998, 115

On the Vincentian Family (R. P. Maloney)1997, 117

(See also: The Acts of the Holy See; GA 92; GA 98; the letters of the Superior General; Features 4, 13 and 14; The Vincentian Family - Supplement of n° 6 of 1995; the Vincentian Month of 1997.)

5. Juridical Aspects

Los antiguos Privilegios de la CM y el nuevo Ordenamiento Canónico (M. Pérez Flores) 1992, 35)

La Congregación de la Misión ejemplo de sociedad de Vida Apostólica (M. Pérez. Flores)1994, 234

(See also: GA 92; Instruction... Vows ch. VII; the Visitors' Meeting in Salamanca)

6. Apostolate (popular missions, formation of the clergy, missions "ad gentes," etc.)

La Questione Sociale a 100 Anni della "Rerum novarum" (F. Marini)1991, 210

A Missão na Cidade: Desafio para uma nova evangelização (E. Chaves dos Santos) 1992, 30

Ongoing Formation `Pro Clero' (P. Van Linden).1993, 76

El Protestantismo Fundamentalista (F. Galindo)1992, 213

Pour une Évangélisation renouvellée (R. Facélina)1993, 176

Nuestra colaboración con los laicos en la parroquia vicenciana (R. Palacios)1993, 190

A Parish with a Powerful Missionary Vitality, with Parish Evangelization Cells

(E. Amyot d'Inville)1995, 305

Toward a New Evangelization. Some Reflections Regarding the Congregation

of the Mission, (R. P. Maloney)1995, 42

The Service of the Vincentians to the Abyssinian clergy. (Zeracristos Y.)1995, 355

On Vincentian Involvement in Parishes (R. P. Maloney)1997, 105

Actualizing "The Mission" Today (R. P. Maloney)1997, 165

(See also: GA 92; GA 98; Miscellaneous - Synod of 1990; Features 5, 7, 9 , 10, 15 and 16; the Visitors' Meeting in Salamanca)

V. Features of Vincentiana

1. The C.M. at the time of the African Synod

Vincentian formation in an African context (R. P. Maloney)1995, 13

Reflections on the special session of the Synod of the African Bishops (G. Grachane)1995, 21

The impact of the African Synod on the Vincentians in Africa (J.-B. Nsambi e Mbula)1995, 27

The Vohipeno Mission (V. de P. Tsangandahy)1995, 34

Vincentian presence in Nigeria (1960-1994) (R. Ikechukwu Diala)1995, 38

2. The C.M. in the former Communist Countries of Europe

After the Collapse of the walls. (Msgr. F. Rodé)1995, 76

"Tested by Fire" Brief History of the Provinces of Poland, Hungary and Slovakia

(J. Dukala)1995, 82

The Mission in former Yugoslavia Post-Communist and at war (A. Stres)1995, 91

Missions in Eastern Europe. Belorussia, Ukraine and Lithuania (S. Wypych)1995, 97

The Slovak confreres stride toward the East (A. Slaninka)1995, 106

The Hungarian Vincentian Province under Communism and Today (I. Tóth)1995, 108

Echoes of the mission in Albania (G. Guerra and B. Falco)1995, 111

3. The Vincentians and Islam

Christians and Moslems Today (J. Landousies)1995, 154

Relationship with Islam in the time of St. Vincent. (A. Moussali)1995, 163

Christians and Muslims in the Middle East (A. Douaihy)1995, 173

Islam in Indonesia (S. Reksosusilo)1995, 176

Christians and Muslims in Nigeria (T. Njoku)1995, 182

4. The Vincentian Laity

The laity and M. Vincent (J.-P. Renouard)1995, 211

The Vincentian Family, a continual renewal (J. M. Román)1995, 224

A.I.C.: International Association of Charity (D. Grandi)1995, 247

The presence and present relevance of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul

(A. A. de Tarrazi)1995, 254

Marian Youth in 1995, (V. Grodziski - A.-M. Hance)1995, 262

From devotion to Evangelization. The Association of the Miraculous Medal in Spain

(J. Rodríguez Rico)1995, 269

Frederick Ozanam, continuity and renewal of the Vincentian Spirit (J Corera)1995, 277

5. Serving the poor Spiritually and Corporally

In the service of the mentally handicapped (G. van Winsen)1995, 333

Centres for Handicapped Children in Madagascar. Andemaka, Antirabe and

Taujomoha (V. Carme)1995, 342

Community in Dialogue. "To love someone means to tell him: you shall not die"

(M. Tagliaferri) 1995, 349

6. John Gabriel Perboyre

John Gabriel Perboyre, C.M. Martyr and first Saint of China (J. Chow Chihyi)1996, 83

John Gabriel Perboyre, seen through his letters (T. Davitt)1996, 90

The Holiness of J. G. Perboyre (A. Sylvestre)1996, 98

The Cause for the Canonization of John Gabriel Perboyre (T. Davitt)1996, 108

Martyrdom in the History of the Church and that of John Gabriel Perboyre (L. Mezzadri)1996, 112

The Canonization of John Gabriel Perboyre and the Missionary Commitment

of the Congregation (C. J. Delgado)1996, 120

7. The Missions ad gentes

Reflections on Missions "ad gentes" in the light of St. Vincent (A. Orcajo)1996, 161

The Dialogue in the Evangelization of tribal Cultures of South East Asia (V. Bieler)1996, 169

A Hundred Years of Vincentian Presence in Madagascar (1896-1996) (G. Danjou) 1996, 175

Algeria: 1646-1996 (J. Landousies)1996, 181

Albania: "The land of the eagles". (C. Palmieri) 1996, 184

8. The Canonization of John Gabriel Perboyre

Chronicle of the Canonization of St. John Gabriel Perboyre, C.M. (T. Marquina)1996, 438

Homily for the Canonization of St. John Gabriel Perboyre by Pope John Paul II1996, 447

Papal Audience Address for the Canonization of St. John Gabriel Perboyre

by Pope John Paul II1996, 448

Homily on John Gabriel Perboyre at St. Paul's Outside the Walla, June 1, 19961996, 450

Four Themes in the Spirituality of St. John Gabriel Perboyre (R. P. Maloney)1996, 453

9. Formators of the Clergy

Our Ministry to Help Form the Diocesan Clergy. Yesterday and Today (R. P. Maloney)1997, 9

Collaborating in Formation for Evangelization (R. Benson)1997, 31

The Intercession for Priests (K. Scallon)1997, 35

10. Formation of our students

The Present State of the Formation of our students throughout the World

(J.I. Fernández de Mendoza)1997, 83

The Formation of our Confreres in the thought of St. Vincent. Elements of a Spirituality

(L. Nuovo)1997, 98

Some key points about the formation of our members today (K. Stelmach)1997, 102

11. Frédéric Ozanam

Frédéric Ozanam, a lay saint for our times (A. de Tarrazi)1997, 132

Frédéric Ozanam: His Piety and Devotion (R. W. Ramson)1997, 147

The History of the Cause for the Beatification of Frederick Ozanam (R. D'Amico)1997, 162

12. The Beatification of Frederick Ozanam

Beatification of Frederick Ozanam. Paris, August 22, 1997 (W. W. Sheldon) 1997, 463

Homily of Pope John Paul II. For the beatification of Frederick Ozanam1997, 466

Liturgical texts of Blessed Frederick Ozanam1997, 470

13. Echos of the Vincentian Family

On Horizon Shifts. Some Reflections on the General Assembly of 1997 (R. P. Maloney)1998, 7

My Hopes for the Vincentian Marian Youth Groups (R. P. Maloney)1998, 16

Meeting of Directors of the Association of the Miraculous Medal (C. Shelby)1998, 24

A.I.C. - From the origins to the present day 380 years. 1617-1997

(M. Borloo - M. C. Guichard)1998, 30

14. Six Common Projects of the Vincentian Family

Letter introducing the Common Projects (R. P. Maloney) 1998, 89

Service to the Elderly and Abandoned (Matola, Mozambique)1998, 91

Urban Poor Development (Payatas, Philippines)1998, 93

Rosalie Rendu Home. Shelter for Women (Cologne, Germany)1998, 97

Service to Terminal AIDS Patients "Our Lady of Amparo" (Madrid, Spain)1998, 99

Home for the Terminally Ill "Albergue La Esperanza" (Mexico City, Mexico)1998, 105

Health and Social Service and Vaccination Program (Genoa, Italy)1998, 110

15. Mission in Latin America

The Challenge of the Sects in Latin America (F. Sampedro Nieto)1998, 150

The First Television Station of the Congregation of the Mission (J. A. Orlovski)1998, 162

A Highway Pastoral in Brazil (M. Litewka)1998, 165

Mission of Tierradentro - Colombia (J. L. Rodríguez)1998, 169

Confronting the Challenge of Catholics who Leave the Church. The Pamphlets of

"Mission XXI" (H. López Alfonso)1998, 173

16. Vincentian Perspective in Asia

The China Mission (H. O'Donnell)1998, ?

Vincentian Apostolate at Adamson University (R. Delagoza)1998, ?

Presence of the Vincentians in West Kalimantan, Indonesia (S. P. Oetomo)1998, ?

Among the Savaras. India (J. Moolan)1998, ?

The Congregation of the Mission in Vietnam1998, ?

VI. Special Issues of Vincentiana

1.Vincentian Month 1993: New Evangelization. New Men. New Communities (1993, n° 4-5)

Programma 1993, 241

Elenchum participantium1993, 245

Alocución de apertura (J. I. de Mendoza)1993, 250

Société et Eglise dans les pays de l'est: défis pour la C.M. (F. Kapusciak)1993, 269

Ce qu'est l'Islam: Lazaristes en terre d'Islam (P. A. Moussali) 1993, 273

La mia esperienza di vincenziano in una comunità terapeutica per il recupero dei

tossicodipendenti (P. G. Turati, C. M.)1993, 281

Les défis de notre temps et la Nouvelle Evangélisation (R. Facélina)1993, 289

L'utilisation de l'édition informatique des oeuvres de S. Vincent et S. Louise

(C. Lautissier)1993, 304

"Evangelizare pauperibus misit me", comentario a Lc. 4, 14-30 (J. I. de Mendoza)1993, 309

"Evangelizare pauperibus misit me", dans l'expérience de St. Vincent (J. P. Renouard)1993, 324

La congregazione della Missione nelle parrocchie reali: una scelta tra fedeltà e

opportunismo, (L. Mezzadri) .1993, 338

Nova evangelização à la luz do Magistério (A. van den Berg)1993, 347

St. Vincent - et nous - à la suite du Christ Evangélisateur dans sa rélation au Père

et aux pauvres, (B. Koch)1993, 361

La búsqueda de la perfección y la misión, primer fin de la Congregación, (H. Escobar)1993, 416

Les vertus du missionnaire (L. Nuovo)1993, 430

Some hopes for the world-wide Congregation over the next five years, (R. Maloney)1993, 443

Les voeux et la Mission (L. Lauwerier)1993, 448

"As good Friends" Reflections on the Development of the concept of Fraternal

Life in the Congregation of the Mission (J. Rybolt)1993, 475

Vida fraterna y misión. Puntos de vista bíblicos y vincencianos (B. Martínez)1993, 489

Vincent de Paul: what and how to read about him (T. Davitt)1993, 509

Vicencianos en la misión de la Iglesia de hoy (J. Corera)1993, 519

2.The Vincentian Family (1995, supplement to n° 6)

Letter of the Superior General (27-9-95) (R. P. Maloney) 1995/Suppl. , 3

A.I.C.: International Association of Charity1995/Suppl. , 4

The Congregation of the Mission1995/Suppl. , 11

The Daughters of Charity1995/Suppl. , 17

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul1995/Suppl. , 23

3.Instruction on Stability, Chastity, Poverty and Obedience in the Congregation of the Mission (1996, n° 1)

Letter of the Superior General (R. P. Maloney)1996, VII

Chapter I. Jesus Christ, the Rule of the Mission1996, 1

Chapter II. Stability: Fidelity in Evangelizing the Poor1996, 13

Chapter III. Chastity: Celibate Love1996, 21

Chapter IV. Poverty: Solidarity with the Poor1996, 29

Chapter V. Obedience: Discernment for Mission1996, 41

Chapter VI. A Brief History of Vows in the Congregation of the Mission1996, 49

Chapter VII. Canonical Aspects of the Vows in the Congregation of the Mission1996, 55

4. Meeting of the Visitors of the Congregation of the Mission - Salamanca June 5-15, 1996 (1996 n° 4-5)

Meeting of Visitors. Salamanca, June 5-15, 1996 (J. I. Fernández Mendoza)1996, 215

The Mission. Opening Conference (R. P. Maloney)1996, 220

I. Profile of the Visitor

Profile of the C.M. Visitor as Leader (J. L. Levesque)1996, 231

The Visitor as Administrator. A Visitor's Perspective (Y. Danjou)1996, 257

Profile of C.M. Visitor as Administrator. An Econome's Perspective (P. J. Griffin)1996, 266

II. Inculturation of the Vincentian Charism

Inculturation and the Vincentian Charisma: An Overview (J. W. M. Ermers)1996, 277

Vocation and Formation (F. Hardiodirono)1996, 291

Vows and Virtues in the Congregation of the Mission (H. O'Donnell)1996, 298

The Itinerant Popular Mission (B. Romo)1996, 304

Formation of Diocesan Clergy and Laity (A. Londoño) . .1996, 315

Community in the Congregation of the Mission (J. A. Ubillús)1996, 327

III. Other Topics

Give me people who pray.... A resource book for Vincentian morning and evening

prayer (J. H. McKenna)1996, 337

Instruction on Stability, Chastity, Poverty and Obedience in the Congregation

of the Mission (J. I. Fernández Mendoza)1996, 347

Difficult cases. Dispensations A.O.O., Dismissals, etc. (M. López)1996, 353

Preparation for the General Assembly of 1998 (R. P. Maloney).1996, 363

Dealings with Bishops (F. Sampedro)1996, 369

Interprovincial Collaboration (S. F. Peralta)1996, 380

International Missions (V. Bieler)1996, 384

International Formation Center Saint Vincent de Paul (J. E. Rybolt)1996, 390

The Causes for Canonization in the Vincentian Family (R. D'Amico)1996, 397

The General Secretariat and its Relationship with the Provinces (E. Amyot d'Inville)1996, 405

The Vincentian Laity (L. Palú)1996, 412

The Visitations of the Provinces (I. Zedde)1996, 420

5.Vincentian Month 1997: "The Popular Mission" (1997, n° 4-5)

Preface (E. Amyot d'Inville)1997, 201

Opening Reflection (L. M. Martínez San Juan)1997, 203

Seeing and Discerning the Challenges. From Saint Vincent's eyes... to ours

(E. Amyot d'Inville)1997, 211

The Expectations of a Bishop with Regard to Popular Missions (J. A. Dosado)1997, 229

Missionaries Following Christ the Evangelizer of the Poor (R. Facélina) 1997, 235

What Sort of Church to Construct? (R. Facélina)1997, 247

Announcing the Good News of Salvation. In the Steps of Saint Vincent

(E. Amyot d'Inville)1997, 259

The Proclamation Of and Conversion To the Message of Jesus Christ (J. Shanahan)1997, 265

Morality and Conversion (K. Rafferty)1997, 277

Justice and Charity in the Mission (G. Mota Grossi)1997, 291

Charity and Human Development in the Mission (M. G. Deriu)1997, 311

The Vincentian Missionary Spirit. Yesterday and Today (R. P. Maloney)1997, 315

A Parish im Mission. A Missionary Experience of the Province of Cuba.

Three Years in Mission (1994-1997) (J. M. Lusarreta)1997, 323

Renewed Parish Mission Model in a North American Context (J. P. Cawley)1997, 331

What Type of Mission? (L. M. Martínez San Juan)1997, 341

Preparation for the Mission. The Pre-Mission (J. Kennedy and A. Kolinsky)1997, 353

Pre-Mission. Formation of Lay-Missioners (J. González)1997, 357

The Pre-Mission Preparation (A. A. Caballero III)1997, 363

Laity on the Mission Team (M. A. Gascón Aranda)1997, 367

The Role of the Sister in the Mission Team (M. Kharouf)1997, 375

For the Missions: a Vincentian Team. Comprising Priests of the Mission, Daughters of

Charity and Laity (J. M. Barbosa de Lemos)1997, 379

The Integration of the Family in the Mission (A. Ruiz Barbacil).1997, 387

Mission for Young Couples (B. Monge)1997, 391

Listeners Groups (B. Cogoni)1997, 395

The Popular Mission in the Context of a Young Church. Madagascar

(V. de Paul Tsangandahy)1997, 399

Youth Mission (D. Fernández Núñez)1997, 405

Catechism to the Youth (Y. Astanto Adie)1997, 413

The Follow-up to the Mission. The Church of Panama "CO.N.A.M."(S. López Herrera).1997, 419

Importance of "Continuity" or Follow-Up (J. Vicente Nácher)1997, 425

Accompanying the Post-Mission (J. Arzate Macías)1997, 437

The Vincentian Mission. A Vincentian Response to the New Evangelization.

Final Document (the participants to the Vincentian Month)1997, 441

VI. Life of the Congregation

I nuovi Confratelli alla Curia Generalizia1991, 54

Paris: Le Clocher de la Maison-Mère (C. Lautissier)1991, 57

Indonesia: Lettera aperta di P Emilio Rossi agli `amici delle Missioni' 1991, 58

Portugal: Entrevista como Superior General (J. A. Bouça)1991, 146

Barcelona: Misión de San Pedro Sula - Entrevista con Mons. Jaime Brufau1991, 152

Zaïre: La Communaté ecclésiastique Zaïroisse à Rome (J-B Nsambi e Mbula)1991, 225

Barcelona: Cursillos Center House - Diocesis Cursillo (J. Barceló)1991, 234

Colombia: Dios quiere Sacerdotes paeces (M. García)1991, 235

Barcelona: La Misión de San Pedro Sula, un reguero de gracia divina1991, 568

Apertura del Proceso de Canonización de Sor Justa Domínguez, HC1991, 567

Historique de la découverte de Maryem Ana Evi1991, 571

CEVIM: Encuentro de Visitadores de Europa (J. M. Sánchez Mallo)1991, 149

Compte rendu de la 2ème Rencontre de la CEVIM1991, 268

Le voyage de la CEVIM en Slovénie et en Slovaquie (W. Bellemakers) 1991, 278

Paris: La Chapelle Saint Vincent de la Maison Mère de la C. M. (R. Facélina)1992, 129

Indonesia: Col Padre Generale nella missione della foresta (V. Bosio) 1992, 130

Österreich: 'Vinzibus' Bruderdienst auf Rädem (C. Uce)1992, 133

Yougoslavie: Visite du Père Général (L. Lauwerier)1992, 223

Slovénie: Rapport sur l'activité missionnaire de l'Eglise (J. Planinšek)1992, 228

Chronique d'un Voyage au Mozambique (A. Sylvestre)1992, 236

Novi apud Curiam Generalem Confratres1993, 61

Per meglio conoscere Albania (C. Palmieri).1993, 66

Lo riconobbero nello spezzare il pane (L. Mezzadri)1993, 71

CEVIM: Encuentro de Visitadores de las Provincias de Europa, (J. I. Fernández Mendoza)1993, 80

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Voyage en Croatie et Bosnie (F. Kapusciak). 1993, 216

Madrid: Crónica del gozo y dolor en el Sur (F. Quintano) 1993, 224

Venezuela: Seminario Latinoamericano de la A.I.C. (R. Ortega)1993, 229

Novi apud Curiam Generalem Confratres1993, 615

La collaborazione dei laici nelle missioni popolari della Provincia di Torino (B. Gonella)1994, 65

150 años de la Congregación de la misión en México (V. De Dios)1994, 71

Cuba: Resumen del Encuentro Comunitario 21-25 febrero 1994 (V. Sanz).. 1994, 149

Sessions Européennes du «Berceau » (1991-1993) (J.-P. Renouard).1994, 157

The 70th Anniversary of the Vincentian Fathers in Indonesia (J. Tondowidjoio).1994, 163

Ha muerto «el último de Filipinas (T. Barquín).1994, 174

What is Vinzidorf? (V. Bieler).1994, 179

Seminario Interno Interprovincial del Cono SUR (P. R. Borda).1994, 292

Enrique R. Panyagua, formador y humanista (T. Marquina).1994, 304

Terremoto en Tierradentro - Colombia (H. Escobar).1994, 310

St. John's University - 125th Anniversary (R. P. Maloney).1994, 325

Vincentian China Experience (H. O'Donnell).1994, 328

The Vohipeno Mission, (V. de P. Tsangandahy)1995, 34

Vincentian Presence in Nigeria (1960-1994), (R. Ikechukwu Diala)1995, 38

The International Formation Center (C.I.F.). A Vincentian Piligrimage

(the Spanish speaking students)1995, 54

An Experience of the Vincentian Spirit in the Panamanian National Mission (T. Sendlein) 1995, 311

Working in Northern Ireland (E. Cowan)1995, 386

Vincentian Mission Team in Ireland (M. McCullagh)1996, 470

Fr. James W. Richardson, C.M. A Profile with a Human Perspective (R. Sáinz) . 1996, 482

(See also: GA 92; Features 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 10, 15 and 16; The Vincentian Months of 1993 and 1997.)

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