Revestirse c/el Espfritu de Jesucristo

Expresión de Identidad vicenciana. Temas de estudio

Editorial CEME, Apdo. 353, 37080 Salamanca, Spain, 1996

(441 pages.)

Coinciding with the awakening of nature in the spring of 1996, Fr. Miguel Perez Flores offers us one of his best works. The book is a large-scale project for which the author employed innumerable hours of patient and laborious work. It proves his exhaustive knowledge of the material treated.

The work is divided into four parts. The first tackles five basic themes of Vincentian spirituality; the second, the five characteristic virtues of the missionary; the third, the itinerary followed by St. Vincent for introducing vows into the Congregation; the fourth, a study of each of the four vows. Finally, the author, in his 22nd theme, the last of the book, gathers together the recommendations of the Superiors General on the vows.

Each chapter contains the following points: an objective, an ordered exposition of the material, and a final questionnaire. The reader will also find citations from the Magisterium of the Church, the writings of St. Vincent, the Superiors General, and the Constitutions, as well as from various spiritual masters.

As Fr. Miguel Perez Flores says in the prologue, the work is des tined above all for aspirants to the missionary life in the Congregation of the Mission: seminarians and students. But also, an attentive study of this book will be very profitable for all the members of the Congregation. It is a work in which the reader will find the most characteristic points of Vincentian spirituality, presented in a systematic manner. Moreover, each chapter combines fidelity to the past of the Congregation and post-conciliar spirituality. Once this book has been translated into other languages, it could become a basic manual for houses of formation in the various provinces of the Congregation of the Mission.

Our congratulations and thanks to Fr. Miguel Perez Flores for the valuable service he gives to the members of the Congregation of the Mission through the publication of this book. (J. Ignacio Fernán dez de Mendoza, C.M.).


Good Care, Painful Chokes

Medical Ethics for Ordinary People

Paulist Press, New York / Mahwah, NJ, U.S.A. 1996 (242 pages)

The media abound with anecdotes about moral dilemmas (test- tube babies, surrogate mothers, difficult pregnancies, genetic manipulations, organ transplants, AIDS, euthanasia, assisted suicide). This book offers an introduction to these key medical ethics questions for ordinary people who ask varied questions. Students of all ages, adult discussion groups, priests and pastoral assistants, health professionals, and the general public will find in Richard Devine a master and accessible guide for medical ethics questions today.


Una semi/la de eternidad

Saint Jean-Gabriel Perboyre

Editions Mediaspaul, Paris, France, 1996 (157 pages)

The author is a young priest of the Congregation who ministers in the pastoral sector of Cams, where Mongesty, the native village of J.G. Perboyre, is located. He writes a biography of the saint in a lively style which has the advantage of citing abundantly from Perboyre's letters in which he reveals himself in depth. This little book, with numerous illustrations, offers a good, simple, and vivid presentation of St. John Gabriel, destined for the general public.


John Gabrid Perboyre CM

1996 (52 pages)

This is a small biography of John Gabriel Perboyre, written in lively and vivid English, which situates our missionary in the context of the epoch and recounts in an evocative manner the history of the Catholic missions of China.


San Giovanni Gabriele Perboyre

Missionario e martire sulk croce con Cristo

Edizioni San Paolo, Mba (Cuneo), Italy, 1996 (87 pages)

The author, who teaches Church History in two institutes of theology at Genoa and Piacenza, puts his competence to good use in writing, with an historian's precision and a confrere's passion, a short and compact biography of J.G. Perboyre. One finds here also an interesting spiritual profile of the new saint and some letters written from China.


Suor Gabriel/a Borgarino

“Provvidenza Divina...”

Cooperazione Vincenziana, Genoa, Italy, 1996 (69 pages)

This is a short biography of an Italian Daughter of Charity, born in 1880 and died in the odor of sanctity in 1949. She seems to have been favored by special communications and manifestations from heaven, but, above all, she gave an example of great holiness of life in humble, devoted service.


Educare, servizio divino

Contributo all'opera educativa nello spirito vincenziano

Quaderni Vincenziani 2

C.L.V. - Edizioni Vincenziane, Rome, Italy, 1996 (58 pages)

This booklet collects four conferences of the author, a professor 4 of religion and humanities for many years. They were given in various circumstances to teachers and educators, including Daughters of Charity and their collaborators. The conferences tackle successively: education, first duty of culture; Vincent and Louise, models of educators; the educative responsibility in the Vincentian Catholic school; and the educational responsibility of the Daughters of Charity with respect to young people.


Incontro a Cristo verso il terzo Millennio

Traccia per una inculturazione del carisma della carità

Libreria Editrice Vaticana, Vatican City, 1996 (110 pages)

The pages of this volume offer a particularly interesting perspec tive for those looking at the people of our times `with the eyes and heart of St. Vincent de Paul.' The prominent place given to some essential ideas indicates how they can become fruitful guides for reflection on the reality of the Vincentian charism and the means by which it can be understood and can respond to the expectations of contemporary society.

The words “culture,” “inculturation,” and “new evangelization” indicate the key points to develop and assimilate in order to be at the service of the Church today. (Cardinal Eduardo Martinez Somalo, in the book's presentation).


Servire è regnare

Obbedienza, Autorità, Corresponsabilità neZ pensiero

e nell'esperienza dei Fondatori

Quaderni Vincenziani 3

C.L.V. - Edizioni Vincenziane, Rome, Italy, 1996 (92 pages)

This booklet collects and juxtaposes two studies addressed to the Daughters of Charity on the occasion of two sessions for Sister Servants.

In fact, the issues interest all those who belong to the Vincentian Family, including the laity, some of whom are called even more so to exercise authority and others to live obedience, and all to be co-re sponsible in the search, fundamentally missionary, to affirm and expand the Reign of God.

Translating this for today is facilitated by an outline of a direc tory for superiors, as well as by practical advice and suggestions which the authors offer to help their readers live in fidelity to the thought and experience of the Founders.

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