Vincentian Bibliography

Vincentian Bibliography



On the Missionary Spirituality of St. Vincent de Paul

Salamanca, Editorial CEME, 2000, 219 pp.

Fifty years ago, this book of Father Maloney would have been called “On Being and Becoming a Missionary.” It is a tribute to Father Maloney's insight that a collection of varied articles on the missionary spirituality of St. Vincent de Paul should bear the title “Go!,” thus combining the command of Jesus with the urgency of missionary needs of the Church in the new millennium.

Depending on one's taste and orientation, one can savor the skillful interlacing of spirituality and literature, Papal documents and Vincentian ideals, the writings of the Church Fathers and the writings of modern theologians, history and the arts. All these show that spirituality is a many splendoured thing. And if one would like a taste of something new, one can read the original article “Models of `Being Holy.'” The Vincentian Family members and other searchers of missionary spirituality will do well to read these pages of inspiration.


Storia della Congregazione della Missione, II/1

La Congregazione della Missione nel sec. XVIII: Francia, Italia e Missioni (1697-1788)

Roma, CLV - Edizioni, 2000, 639 pp.

This volume takes up the history of the Congregation of the Mission in a period of particular importance, the Eighteenth Century. It contains four parts. The first covers the government of the CM throughout the century. The reader will find in this section a presentation of the various superiors general, beginning with the election of Nicholas Pierson in 1697 and ending with the genera late of Antoine Jacquier (1762-1788). The second part presents the evolution of the life of the CM in France during the Seventeenth Century. The third narrates events in the CM in Italy. The fourth section takes up the history of the foreign missions: Mascarene Islands, North Africa, the Middle East and Goa.

This is the second volume of the history of the CM. The readers have here a valuable tool for knowing our history.


Scritti: 1. Diario

Roma, CLV - Edizioni, 2000, 1079 pp.

Promoted by the Visitor of Naples and compiled by Fr. Vicenzo Lazzarini and Dr. Mario Guerra, the Diary of Justin de Jacobis is presented in this jubilee year , when we also remember the second centenary of his birth and the twenty-five years since his canonization. It is not exactly a critical edition in the strict sense, but rather a working document, organized scientifically, based on precise and identifiable criteria. The original documents are manuscript pages, gathered together in six volumes, which make up the different sections of the work. The Italian in them belongs to the Nineteenth Century and the expressions have been maintained intact to respect the style.

The diary form gives the narrative the vivacity and missionary inspiration that made Abuna Yaqob Miriam famous for his eloquence and undeniable capacity for fascinating his listeners. He offers us- at a time when the Church after the Second Vatican Council has opened itself to dialogue- a vision built on the complementary nature of cultures and religions, supported by a mutual interchange, the communion in the spiritual riches of the christian community, inculturation and the global mission. This is not only the testimony of a true forerunner of the new evangelization, but also the witness of a saint for our days, a christian for our times who, with the strength of love, disarms and conquers all.


Prawno-teologiczne elementy charyzmatu Zgromadzenia Misji Wincentynskiej do powstania pierwszych “Regul Wspólnych” (1617-1655)

Wroc*aw, Papieski Fakultet Teologiczny, 1999, 347 pp.

This book in Polish, Juridical-Theological Aspects of the Charism of the Congregation of the Mission up to the first Common Rules (1617-1655), is a doctoral thesis presented to the Pontifical Faculty of Theology of Wroclaw. In this monograph, made up of four chapters, the author describes the process of the formation of the charism of the Congregation in the period before the publication of the Common Rules (1617-1655). The work especially highlights the specific elements (juridical-theological) of this charism, analyzing the text of the first Common Rules, contained in the manuscript known as the Codex Sarzana (cf. Vincentiana 4-5/1991, p. 303-406).


Le Missioni Popolari della Congregazione della Missione nei secoli XVII-XVIII. II - Documenti

Roma, CLV - Edizioni, 1999, 165 pp.

In continuity with the first volume- Studi (cf. the summary in Vincentiana no 3, may-June 2000, p. 211)- this volume, dedicated to the documents on the theme of the parish missions in the Seventeenth and eighteenth Centuries, now appears. It is the result of a selection of important material for understanding the significance of the parish missions in Italy during these centuries.


La Familia Vicenciana ante el Tercer Milenio. Caminos de futuro

Salamanca, CEME, 1999, 461 pp.

This book contains twelve conferences and seven workshops dealing with texts, which were presented to the Vincentian Family on the topic of the Twenty-Fourth Week of Vincentian Studies of Salamanca. Fundamental points like: the charism, vocation, mission, evangelization, service of the poor, new areopogi, prayer and community life, are examined in detail from the perspective of the new millennium. All of the presenters agree that we are entering a new era which requires fidelity, creativity and continual conversion.. If we look to the past, it is not to be anchored to it, but rather to throw ourselves into the future with a confident audacity.


Spiritualità Vincenziana. Contributo allo studio del Vincenzianesimo.

II Edizione

Roma, CLV - Edizioni, 2000, 158 pp.

The author offers the Vincentian Family, especially the laity, a guide for knowing and deepening the spirit which inspired St. Vincent in his relationship with God and the neighbor.. He develops Vincentian spirituality in five chapters: 1) The Vincentian inspiration; 2) The Christocentric humanism of St. Vincent; 3) Tools for undertaking the works; 4) Notes for a Vincentian spirituality; 5) Validity and timeliness of being Vincentian.


Dall'essere nella carità al vivere la carità

Principi di spiritualità e linee metodologiche per la Famiglia Vincenziana

Roma, CLV - Edizioni, 2000, 140 pp.

This work offers a Vincentian reading of the mystery of the Incarnation and grace. It presents charity, not only as a method and essential element in the relationship with God, but also as a condition for entering into relationship with every person. This study is made up of three chapters: 1) The Christ of St. Vincent: Missionary of the Father and Evangelizer of the poor; 2) Principles of spirituality, Principles for Vincentian action; 3) Methodological and Practical guidelines for Vincentian evangelizers today.


Prier 15 jours avec Saint Vincent de Paul

Montrouge, Nouvelle Cité, 2000, 128 pp.

This is a small volume which treats the spirituality of St. Vincent de Paul in fifteen short meditations. The first three help to deepen our faith starting withe saint's experience. The next six explain the deep conversion of heart, by which St. Vincent lived totally given to God and the poor and which guides us as we follow him. The motor of his life is prayer, according to the next three meditations. The final three introduce us to his love for the priesthood, for the virtues and for an ecclesial work lived in collobaration.


Província Brasileira da Congregação da Missão: 180 años dos Lazaristas no Brasil

Dados históricos e reflexões sobre a atuação dos Lazaristas da Província Brasileira da Congregação da Missão

Belo Horizonte, Santa Clara: Editora Produção de Livros Ltda, 1999, 157 pp.

This work presents, in a concise and critical way, the work done by our confreres in Brazil for the last 180 years, It is structured around five chapters: 1) The pre-history of the province 2) The first period: The Portuguese Hegemony (1820-1845); 3) Second Period: The French Hegemony (1845-1900); 4) Third Period: The Brazilian Hegemony (1900-1960); Fourth Period: (1960-1999). This is a significant effort to rescue and appreciate the work of so many Vincentian missionaries in the land of Brazil.


Hombres y apóstoles en la costa norte hondureña

La Congregación de la Misión (PP. Paúles) de la Provincia de Barcelona en la Costa Norte de Honduras

Honduras, 1999, 362 pp.

This book, because of its many historical notes, might be taken as the first draft of what could be the history of the Congregation of the Mission in Central America. We find in this work a vision of the birth of the Christian faith on the Atlantic coast of Honduras and the development of religious life among its people. In reading this book one discovers the providential coincidence of three circumstances which united the Province of Barcelona with the Church of Honduras: 1) the great concern of the Holy See forthe evangelization of Central America, especially the area of Honduras; 2) the concern of Bishop Martínez y Cabañas for the department of the Caribbean because of its spiritual abandonment and lack of priests; 3) the precise moment lived by the Province of Barcelona, charged with a missionary impulse.

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