Luigi Mezzadri, C.M.

Missione e Carità

La Congregazione della Missione nel Settecento

I - Francia e Italia

Published by CLV-Edizioni Vincenziane, Rome, Italy, 1999 (332 pages)

This is an important work which retraces the history of the Congregation of the Mission during the 18th century in France and Italy. When the historical studies of other countries are ready, it will be part of the second volume of the History of the Congregation of the Mission, whose first volume appeared in 1994.

The geographical spheres of research are France, understood as the center of the Congregation and all its French houses and ministries, and Italy, or rather, the Italian States of the period.

The period runs from 1697 to 1788; that is, from Jolly, a man of strong temperament and a remarkably strategic vision, to Pierron, a weak man of no account. We arrive at the eve of the French Revolution.

We are no longer at the fervor and creativity of the origins. French political power extended its hand to the Congregation, confiding to it royal parishes. The Congregation develops more and more in other countries. Many issues have changed as compared with the 17th century. These are all the questions that one will find studied in an in-depth fashion in this work.

Robert P. Maloney, C.M.

Le stagioni dello Spirito

Riflessioni sulla spiritualità vincenziana nel mondo di oggi

Published by CLV-Edizioni Vincenziane, Rome, Italy, 1999 (230 pages)

This is the Italian translation, by Stefano Angiuli, C.M., with the collaboration of Carlo Braga, C.M., of Fr. Maloney's third book which appeared under the title, Seasons in Spirituality. Reflection on Vincentian Spirituality in Today's World (published by New City Press, New York, 1997). You will find a description of the book in Vincentiana 1997/6, p. 503.

Antonio M. Sicari

Santi nella Carità

Figli, discipoli, amici di Vincenzo de' Paoli

Introduction by Giovanni Burdese, C.M.

Co-Published by CLV-Edizioni Vincenziane and Jaca Book, Milan, Italy 1999 (229 pages)

The Saints in Charity are those who exalted in this life and works the figure of the Redeemer in the attitude of mercy. Those described in this book do not comprise an exhaustive list of the sons/daughters, disciples, and friends of St. Vincent, but are simply some figures whom the author has particularly studied.

One finds a chapter on St. Vincent; then two chapters on his daughters: St. Louise de Marillac and St. Catherine Labouré; then presentations on four of his disciples: St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Blessed Frederick Ozanam, St. Maria Crucified of Rosa, and Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati; and finally the portraits of four of his friends: St. Francis de Sales, St. Giuseppe Benedetto Cotolengo, St. John Bosco, and Blessed Luigi Orione.

Simão Valencia, C.M. and five collaborators

Manual de Espiritualidade Vicentina

Coleção Vicentina 12

Published by Gráfica Vicentina Ltda., Editora, 1998 (176 pages)

This is a "Collection of documents for Vincentian prayer" which was made by the three CM Provinces of Brazil in response to the request of the Superior General and the Commission on Prayer. One finds Vincentian prayers, prayers of St. Vincent, texts for meditation, proposals for the Liturgy of the Hours and hymns in honor of St. Vincent.



Mobilizção dos Leigos

Coleção Vicentina 11

Published by Gráfica Vicentina Ltda., Editora, 1998 (112 pages)

This little book, produced by the Metropolitan Council of Curitiba of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, brings together diverse studies presenting different aspects of the figure of Frederick Ozanam. It highlights this layman who lived his baptism to the full and drew from St. Vincent as his source, and who provokes us to put ourselves at the service of the poor in an action of evangelization and social promotion.

Two Vincentian CD-ROMs

- Computerized edition of Vincentian Writings, by Claude Lautissier, C.M., Maison-Mère, Paris, France, 1998.

One finds here: in French, the writings of St. Vincent and St. Louise, various biographies, the normative texts of the C.M. and D.C.'s, various documents from the origins and from the 17th century, modern Vincentian studies and Vincentian bibliographies in various languages. He also includes some texts in English: a large part of the works of St. Vincent, Abelly, etc.; and some texts in Spanish: the works of St. Vincent and St. Louise, etc. Finally, he also incorporates an important collection of photos and engravings.

- CD-ROM Vicenciano, published by CEME, Salamanca, Spain, 1999.

One finds here in Spanish: the writings of St. Vincent and St. Louise, the C.M. Constitutions in Latin and Spanish, and Abelly.

General Bibliography

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