Vincentian Bibliography

for the formation of our own

SIEV is happy to offer an impetus to the formation of our own in proposing a bibliography which focuses on the Vincentian books which might be called "basic" and which should be part of every library in the formation houses of the Congregation of the Mission. We hope this will help the formators in the choice of books to acquire for the library in their formation house or to give to their students to read. It is evident that for areas of specialization, many other books are necessary.

We are offering three different bibliographies, according to the languages: one in French prepared by Fr. Jean-Pierre Renouard; a second in English, prepared by Fr. John Prager; and a third in Spanish, prepared by Frs. Miguel Pérez Flores and John Prager. If you wish to procure the bibliographies in the other languages, you will find them in the same issue of Vincentiana according to the proper language.

1.Writings of St. Vincent and St. Louise

- Vincent de Paul: Correspondence, Conferences, Documents, trans. Marie Poole et al.,

(NY: New City Press) vols. 1-8.

- Conferences of St. Vincent de Paul to the Daughters of Charity, trans. Joseph Leonard,

(London: Collins, 1979). (Corresponds to Coste vols 9 & 10).

- Conferences of St. Vincent de Paul, trans. Joseph Leonard, (Philadelphia: Eastern Province, 1963) (Corresponds to Coste vols 11 & 12).

- Spiritual Writings of Louise de Marillac, trans. Louise Sullivan, (NY: New City Press, 1991).

- Vincent de Paul and Louise de Marillac: Rules, Conferences and Writings, ed. J. Rybolt & F. Ryan, (NY: Paulist, 1995)

2.Biographies of St. Vincent

- Abelly, L. The Life of the Venerable Servant of God Vincent de Paul, trans. W. Quinn, ed. J. Rybolt, (NY New City Press, 1993), 3 vols.

- Calvet, J., St. Vincent de Paul, (NY: 1951)

- Coste, P., The Life and Works of St. Vincent de Paul, trans. Joseph Leonard, (Westminster: Newman, 1952; reprint: New City Press, 1987), 3 vols.

- Dodin, A., Vincent de Paul and Charity, trans. J.M. Smith & D. Saunders (NY: New City Press, 1993).

- Mezzadri, L., A Short Life of St. Vincent de Paul, trans. T. Davitt, (Dublin: Columba, 1992).

3.Biographies of St. Louise

- Calvet, J., Louise de Mariliac: A Portrait, trans. G. Pullen, (N.Y.: Kenedy, 1960)

- Charpy, E., A Way to Holiness, trans. C. Whelan, (Dublin: Mt. Salus, 1990).

- Dirvin, J., Louise de Marillac, (NY: Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1970).

- Flinton, M., Louise de Marillac: Social Aspects of her Work, (NY: New City Press, 1992).

- La Fleur, K., Louise de Marillac: A Light in the Darkness, (NY: New City Press, 1996)

- Regnault, V., St. Louise de Marillac: Servant of the Poor, trans. L. Sullivan, (Rockford:

Tan, 1983).

4.Vincentian Spirituality

- Delagoza, R. & R. McDonnel, eds., The Evangelizer of the Poor: St. Vincent de Paul, (Manila: Adamson University, 1985)

- Maloney, R., He Hears the Cry of the Poor: On the Spirituality of Vincent de Paul, (NY: New City Press, 1995)

- Maloney, R., The Way of Vincent de Paul: A Contemporary Spirituality in the Service of the Poor, (NY: New City Press, 1992)

- McKenna, T., Praying with Vincent de Paul, (Winona, MN: St. Mary's, 1994)

- Pérez Flores, M. & Orcajo A., The Way of St. Vincent is Our Way, trans. C. Plock et al., (Philadelphia: Eastern Province, 1995)

5.History of the Congregation of the Mission & Daughters of Charity

- Genesis of the Company, (Paris: 1968-1979), 3 vols.

- Poole, S., A History of the C.M.: 1625-1843, (Los Angeles: 1973)

6.Biographies of Vincentian Saints and Blesseds

- Baeteman, J. Abba Gabriel Michael, (Emmitsburg, 1929)

- Davitt, T., Justin de Jacobis, (Dublin, 1975)

- Dirvin, J., Mrs. Seton, (NY: Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1962)

- Dirvin, J., ed., Frederick Ozanam: A Life in Letters, (St. Louis: St. Vincent de Paul Society, 1986)

- Dirvin, J., The Soul of Elizabth Seton, (San Francisco: Ignatius, 1990)

- Fagan, A., Through the Eye of A Needle: Frederic Ozanam, (London: St. Paul's, 1989)

- Laurentin, R., Catherine Labouré, (London: 1981)

- Melville, A., Elizabeth Bayley Seton, (NY: Jove, 1985)

- Misermont L., The Blessed Sisters of Charity of Arras, (Emmitsburg: 1926)

- Rossiter, N., Some Vincentian Missionaries, (Australia: 1956)

- Trochu, F., St. Jeanne Antide Thouret, trans. J. Joyce, (London: Sands, 1966)

- Two Vincentian Martyrs (Perboyre & Clet) (Maryknoll, 1926)

- Two Vincentian Martyrs in China, (Taiwan: 1979)

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