Carlo Riccardi, C.M.

Spiritualità Vincenziana

Contributo allo studio del Vincenzianismo

Published by C.L.V. Edizioni Vincenziane, Rome, Italy (158 pages)

In this new work the author, who has studied and expounded on St. Vincent for a long time, offers us a synthesis of his reflection on Vincentian spirituality. The book, divided into five chapters, begins by specifying the fundamental inspiration, then it defines the Christocentric humanism of St. Vincent, and later speaks of the instruments with which he accomplished his projects and their relevance for today. Riccardi then gives the four principal characteristics of Vincentian spirituality and concludes by a reflection on the validity of the relevance of this spirituality. This book is sprinkled with many quotations and facts from the life of the saint. It was requested principally by the lay Vincentian associations who understand more and more the necessity of a better knowledge of the spirituality of their founder or inspiration in order to carry out successfully their charitable action.

Timoteo Marquina, C.M.

José María Alcácer, C.M.

Vida, Obra y Testimonios

Published by La Milagrosa, Madrid, Spain, 1996 (301 pages)

This book retraces the life of the great Spanish musician, whose work has been described as "a classic of present-day religious music." He composed innumerable songs, Masses, organ pieces, etc. which were very successful in his own country and abroad. In the second part of the book, the author gives a description and makes an analysis of the entire musical work of Fr. Alcácer. As a Vincentian missionary, he was an authentic evangelizer through music put at the service of liturgical prayer. He also gave a remarkable witness of holiness in his life.

Luis Bacáicoa Martich, C.M.

Interpretaciones al órgano

Sobre textos de San Vicente y Santa Luisa

Published by La Milagrosa, Madrid, 1997 (177 pages)

These "interpretations at the organ" are in fact the author's meditations on the thoughts of St. Vincent and St. Louise. The author proposes for us a type of dialogue between the founders and himself, introducing us to his reflections which are the fruit of a long association with and contemplation on their works.

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