VINCENTIANA, 99/ 6: La CM y el Jubileto año 2000


  1. Holy See

Secretariat of State: on the Third Centenary of the C.M. in China1

Letter of John Paul II for the fourth centenary of the priestly ordination of the great apostle of charity.433

Nominations, Decret and Letter431

  1. General Curia

1. Superior General

Lent 20003

On the Web Page (January 25, 2000)97

Meeting of the heads of the Vincentian Family (March 7, 2000)99

Our apostolic mission in the Islamic world (March 30, 2000)102

First General Assembly of the Vincentian Marian Youth Association

(September 27, 2000) 257

New vice-province of Sts. Cyril and Methodius (October 15, 2000)265

Appeal for volunteers (October 15, 2000)267

Advent 2000274

Appointments and Confirmations by the Superior General105, 437

2. Vincentian Family

Jubilee 2000 declaration on behalf of the Poor7

First General Assembly of the Vincentian Marian Youth Association:

Final Document (Rome, August 8-12, 2000) 260

3. Statistics

1999 Statistics of the Congregation of the Mission278

  1. Feature

1. Evangelizing Europe

Jesus Christ, alive in His Church, a Source of Hope for Europe. “Reflections about the Special Assembly for Europe of the Synod of Bishops”

(J. Landousies)13

Vincentians in Europe 2000. A time of Crisis. (K. Rafferty)23

At the dawn of the Third Millennium. Some challenges for the Congregation of the Mission in Europe. (C. Sens)41

The European Provinces of the C.M. and the Mission “Ad Gentes”

(J.I. Fernández Mendoza)51

Le Berceau of Saint Vincent de Paul (J.-P. Renouard) 57

The Collegio Alberoni. Yesterday and Today. (A. Vernaschi) 65

The Salamanca Vincentian Studies Weeks (J.M. Sánchez Mallo) 75

Vincentian Mission and the Parish of the Travelling People in Ireland

(F. Murphy) 85

2. The Challenge of Formation

On the Formation of Formators. (A study document used in the General Council to implement some of the recommendations of the General Assembly of 1998) (R.P. Maloney)107

Being a Vincentian. Being a Formator (R.P. Maloney)115

The Structure of Vincentian Studies and Animation. (S.I.E.V.)128

International Secretariat of Vincentian Studies (S.I.E.V.): Statutes

(October 22, 1999)139

Information Sheet on the work and decisions of SIEV. N° 4 - October 1999

(R. Lovera)142

International Formation Center: St. Vincent de Paul (CIF) (May 24, 1999)144

Role and Tasks of Advisors to AIC Groups and Associations. March 1999

(M. Costa and A. Rovetta)148

3. Saint Vincent Priest

The Clergy in the France of St. Vincent (L. Mezzadri)193

The Priestly Journey of St. Vincent de Paul. The Beginnings: 1600-1612

(J.M. Román)207

The Mission and Vocation of the Priest According to St. Vincent de Paul.

(R. Facélina)218

San Vincent de Paul, Formator of Priests (S. Wypych)229

St. Vincent, Priest of Charity at the Service of the Poor. Caring for Spiritual and Temporal Needs. (Á. Quevedo)239

4. Saint Justin de Jacobis

The “First” Justin de Jacobis (B. Falco)???

Saint Justin De Jacobis, Founder of the New Catholic Generation and Formator of its Cleargy in the Catholic Church of Eritrea and Etiopia

(G. Iyob)???

St. Justin De Jacobis and his dealing with the Coptic Christians of Ethiopia

(L. Mezzadri) ???

Justin de Jacobis : the Art of Dialogue (Prof. Y. Beyene)???

Edited and Unedited Writings of St. Justin De Jacobis (G. Guerra)???

Devotion to St. Justin De Jacobis in Eritrea and Ethiopia (G. Iyob)???

Bibliography of St. Justin de Jacobis. Biographies and Studies (L. Nuovo) ???

IV. Studies

On uniting Action and Contemplation. A key to Understanding Vincent de Paul. (R.P. Maloney)171

Models of “Being Holy”. A View toward the Past, the Present, and the Future. (R.P. Maloney)250

Vincentian Priesthood as missionary. An essay written for the 400th anniversary of St. Vincent's ordination. (R.P. Maloney)???

V. Special Issue of Vincentiana

The New Constitutions: 20 Years of Existence

Sixteen years ago…(R. McCullen)285

The Constitutions of the Congretation of the Mission. Historical Notes

(C. Braga) 291

Identity of the Congregation According to Articles 1-9 of the Constitutions of 1980. (A. Elduayen) 309

The apostolic Works of the Congregation of the Mission (Constitutions 10-18; Statutes 1-12) (L. Palú) 320

As friends Who Love One Another Deeply. Reflections on Community living Yesterday and Today (R.P. Maloney) 335

Constitutions: Fount of the Missionary's Spiritual Life. A rereading 20 years later of Articles 28-50 of the Constitutions of the Congregation of the Mission. (E. Antonello) 355

The Constitutions: Unity in the Diversity of the Congregation of the Mission.

(J. Ignacio Fernández de Mendoza) 368

The Government of the Congregation according to the New Constitutions

(Y. Danjou) 380

The New Constitutions. Tradition and Renewal. (C. Braga) 391

Read and Pray the Constitutions. (M. Pérez Flores) 403

Fidelity to the Constitutions. (H. O'Donnell) 414

VI. Bibliography

1. Vincentian Bibliography

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2. General Bibliography430

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