Luigi Chierotti, C.M.

Federico Ozanam (1813-1853)

Uno dei fondatori delle Conferenze di Carità

Published by Cooperazione Vincenziana, Genoa, Italy, 1997 (57 pages)

This little work presents for the general public, in a global manner and illustrated with pictures, the fine figure and work of this lay Catholic and friend of the poor. It should be noted that several years ago Fr. Chierotti had already published for Cooperazione Vincenziana a much more developed work on Ozanam bearing exactly the same title (2nd edition in 1993).

Madeleine des Rivières


Un sabio entre los pobres

Published by CEME, Salamanca, Spain, 1997 (226 pages)

This is a translation from the French by Máximo Agustín, C.M. of the book entitled Ozanam, un savant chez les pauvres, published by Bellarmin (Montreal, 1984). The work recounts the life and apostolate of one of the principal founders of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, situating the person and his activity in the political, social, and ecclesial context of the time.

Francisco Sampedro Nieto, C.M.

San Vicente de Paúl

La espiritualidad de la acción

Published by the C.M. Province of Chile, 1996 (136 pages)

This book, written by the Visitor of Chile, offers a valuable guide for the formation of Vincentian laity, future Daughters of Charity, our young in formation, as well as many others. After presenting the person and work of St. Vincent and situating him in his era, the author takes up the question of Vincentian spirituality and insists on a spirituality of charity. In an appendix, in connection with St. Vincent, he touches on some themes like evangelization and ecumenism, the Vincentian Family, and Marian spirituality.

Jean-Marie Estrade, C.M.

Aïna _ La Vie

Mission, culture et développement à Madagascar

Published by Harmattan, Paris, France, 1996 (303 pages)

The author, a missionary in Madagascar for the past 26 years, is presently director of Aïna, a development center in a disadvantaged suburb of Manakara. He shares his experience with us. As a theologian, philosopher, and ethnologist, Fr. Estrade proposes for us a deep reflection in three parts. Seed: the beginning of the mission... and of colonization, a century ago. The arrival of the first sons of St. Vincent and the beginning of the visits to the bush. Culture: a reflection on Christianity and colonization, mission and evangelization, traditional faith and Christian faith, inculturation, faith, and development. Life: the arrival of the first buds and the first fruits, the ripe fruits of life and hope. Belief makes for growth. It is an enlightening and valuable witness about a country where so many of our confreres and sisters work today.

Joseph Benoit, C.M.

Le peuple des pirogues

et le diocèse de Farafangana

Published by Harmattan, Paris, France, 1997 (190 pages)

The author, a former missionary in Madagascar where he worked for almost 30 years, knows that country well. He recounts its history from the origins of it population to the present. He spends much time on recent history, both political and social, as well as religious, giving special attention to the history of the Diocese of Farafangana, where so many of our own gave of themselves and continue to do so. We find throughout these pages the remembrance of numerous missionaries of the Congregation who worked or presently work in this area. This book is a fine contribution to the history of the Congregation on the Great Island.

Jean-Yves Ducourneau, C.M.

Una semilla de eternidad

San Juan Gabriel Perboyre

Sacerdote de la Misión, mártir. Primer santo de China.

CEME Publications, Salamanca, Spain, 1997 (150 pages)

This is the translation from the French by Victor Landeras, C.M. of the book Une semence d'Eternité, Jean-Gabriel Perboyre. See the summary: Vincentiana 1996/6, p. 488.

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