Service to the Elderly and Abandoned

(Matola, Mozambique)

ParticipantsFour branches of the Vincentian Family

Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul

St. Vincent de Paul Society

Priests of the Congregation of the Mission Marian Youth

PlaceA poor area of the parish : "Nossa Senhora do Amparo" de Matola (Mozambique)

Social ContextA civil war of 17 years has been the cause of great de-humanization and disintegration of families, forcing them to abandon the elderly and creating masses of street children.

ObjectiveThe construction of a home for approximately 30 elderly in order to provide a place where they can be free of their misery and live in a human and dignified manner.

Activities- Health and nursing care

- Christian education

- Productive activities: raising chickens, vegetable garden,


- Kitchen help

- Recreational activities with the elderly

- Home visits in the area

PersonnelAvailable: two volunteers, two Daughters of Charity, one Priest of the Mission as well as Seminarians and the Marian Youth of Matola

Administrative Committee - One Daughter of Charity

- Two members of the St. Vincent de Paul Society

Accreditation by authoritiesThe project has already been recognized by the City Council of the city of Matola, by the Archdiocese of Maputo, as well as by the parish council at "Nossa Senhora do Amparo."

ProblemsProblems may arise if members of the St. Vincent de Paul society or of the Marian Youth belong to other cultural organizations (witchcraft), or have social problems (dysfunctional families), or economic problems (lack of resources). It is first of all necessary to have a Vincentian spirit.

Plan of actionBecause the Daughters of Charity and the Priests of the Mission are present, we think that the realization of the project is assured.

Financing- The cost of the project is estimated to be $60,000.00

($ USA)

- The St. Vincent de Paul Society of Matola has given a

certain amount of money.

- A commitment of $4,000.00 has been made by

- The St. Vincent de Paul Society in Ireland through Mr.

Gerry Martin.

- The four branches of Matola are proposing to continue to

look for other organizations to help finance this project.

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