Erminio Antonello, C.M.

Guillaume Pouget (1847 - 1933)

Testimone del rinnovamento teologico all'inizio del secolo XX

Published by Glossa (Series Mediolanensis 1), Milano, Italy - 1995 (287 pages)

This work of E. Antonello is dedicated to one of the most extraordinary personalities of the theological movement at the beginning of the century: Guillaume Pouget. The book is a doctoral thesis in theology from the Theology Faculty of Northern Italy in Milan. Jean Guitton has written the preface.

The celebrity of our confrere G. Pouget is also due to a famous book written by Jean Guitton, Portrait of Monsieur Pouget (39 printings from 1941 to 1962). Guitton says in the preface to the present work: "In the course of my long life, I became acquainted with many important people in various ways. But I never knew anyone like Fr. Pouget. There was in him an enormous difference, almost scandalous, between appearance and reality."

That is enough to indicate the calibre of the personality whose thought E. Antonello retraces. Fr. Pouget belonged among the great minds of his period. Accused of modernism, he was forbidden to teach in public, but not forbidden to teach privately in his room. This study tends, in particular, to make known the writings of Fr. Pouget and contributes to a deeper understanding of the history of modernism, into which Pouget entered as a "moderate progressive." The research of E. Antonello, without overlapping on the portrait by J. Guitton, touches directly on the work of Pouget, in great part unpublished, and thus fills a vacuum in the historical-religious literature of the period. (Italo G. Zedde, C.M.)

Robert G. Simons, C.M.

Competing Gospels

Public Theology and Economic Theory

Published by E. J. Dwyer Pty Ldt, Unit 13, Perry Park, 33 Maddox Street,

Alexandria, NSW 2015, Australia - 1995 (231 pages)

This book is an exercise in placing Christian doctrine in dialogue with economic theory and history in the public realm. It does this from the bridging perspective of anthropology. The anthropological focus is used to gather in and consolidate a number of perspectives from Christian doctrine, as well as to highlight assumptions on the human person and community which are found in both capitalist and socialist economic theories.

H. De Mayer and P. Wynants

Les Vincentiens en Belgique 1842-1992

Published by University Press (Coll. Kadoc-Studies), 14. Leuven,

Belgium - 1992 (405 pages)

This book, which is the fruit of the collaboration of Belgian historians, gives an overview of the history of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul during 150 years in Belgium. The first section offers a panorama on the national level of the historical evolution _ organization and ideology _ of the Society. The second section tackles its development in several large Belgian cities. These accounts are illustrated by numerous photos and documents of the epoch.

Various Authors

Reavivemos le espíritu vicenciano

XXII Semana de Estudios Vicencianos

Published by CEME, Salamanca, Spain - 1995 (519 pages)

The volume gathers together the conferences, papers, and workshop texts from the "22nd Salamanca Week," which was held August 21-25, 1995. It is comprised of three parts: the first contains nine conferences, the second has seven papers, and the third has 14 workshop texts.

Reading this volume will help the members of the Congregation of the Mission, the Daughters of Charity, and others who compose the Vincentian Family to reanimate the Vincentian spirit.

It can be obtained from: Editorial CEME, Apartado 353, Salamanca, Spain

Carlo Riccardi, C.M.

Il pensiero filosofico e mistico di S. Caterina da Siena

Published by Cantagalli, Siena, Italy - 1994 (163 pages)

The two themes treated, one philosophical and the other mystical-theological, could seem to be improperly united in one single volume. Nevertheless, in reading it, one becomes aware that the second treatise is only fully intelligible in light of the first.

God is "he who is" and man takes his being from God. Man is created and maintained in being by God through love; he is provided with an intellect, will, and memory, powers directed toward God; he finds his perfection in the union of his will with God, the peaceful sea of beauty and infinite happiness. The union reaches its summit _ even though always perfectible _ in the mystical union, which is described in all its aspects. (Msgr. Mario I. Castellano)

Carlo Riccardi

Caterina da Siena e l'Eucaristia

Published by Cantagalli, Siena, Italy - 1995 (235 pages)

Fr. Riccardi has proposed as the purpose of this study to "gather together the Eucharistic thoughts of St. Catherine of Siena under all their aspects, presenting them, if possible, in a substantially complete manner." In 11 chapters he treats of the ministries of the Eucharist, of the desire of Christ to give himself to us in food, of the angelic food, of the Eucharist as our comfort, of the Eucharistic pledge of eternal life, of some of the aspects of the Eucharistic theology of St. Catherine, of Eucharistic communion, of good and holy communion, of the Eucharist and of love for the brothers, of the Eucharist and its miraculous effects of charity, and finally of the Eucharistic wonders in the life of Catherine. (Msgr. Mario I. Castellano)

Luigi Chierotti, C.M.

Il beato Gian Gabriele Perboyre (1802 - 1840)

"Lo strangolarono ad una croce"

Published by Cooperazione Vincenziana, Genoa, Italy - 1995 (60 pages)

This book is a short life of John Gabriel Perboyre published in the collection, "Piccola Biblioteca Vincenziana." It is intended for a general audience and contains many photos and engravings.

Franc Sodja, C.M.

Vincencijeva Oporoka (Vincent's Testament)

Published by The Provincial House of Slovenia - 1995 (267 pages)

This book, in the Slovenian language, presents 130 short meditations and practices taken from selected texts of St. Vincent.

Anton Pust, C.M., Zdravko Reven and Bo_idar Slapšak

Palme Mu_eništav (The Martyr's Palms)

Published by Mohorjeva Dru_ba, Celje, Slovenia - 1995

This book, in the Slovenian language, deals with the priests and religious, as well as some laity, who were killed or massacred during the years from 1942 to 1962 in Slovenia. Among these were 5 priests, 5 brothers, and 5 students of the Congregation of the Mission.

Anthony Dean, C.M.

Responding in Love

Reflections for Sunday readings - Years A•B•C

Published by ST PAULS, Society of St Paul, 60-70 Broughton Road, P.O. Box 230,

Homebush, NSW 2140, Australia - 1995 (232 pages)

This book provides a brief commentary on the first reading and the gospel reading for each Sunday of the liturgical year and for the major Feasts occurring on a Sunday for the complete three-year cycle. The commentaries, based upon biblical scholarship, endeavor to explain major aspects of the biblical passages with a common theme identified for the readings of the day.

André Dodin, C.M.

Presenta a Luis Robineau

Le Señor Vicente, visto por su secretario Luis Robineau, C.M.

Published by Fe y Vida, Via San Fernando 1, 44002 Teruel, Spain - 1995 (256 pages)

This book is a translation from the French, André Dodin présente Louis Robineau. Monsieur Vincent raconté par son secrétaire. It contains 339 brief articles which highlight the actions and words of St. Vincent on 12 general themes.

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