Christians in the Holy Land


(The World of Islam Festival Trust Publisher), London 1994

There has never been a more comprehensive and authoritative account of the Christian Church in the Holy Land than is found in this collection of studies. It includes the most recent research findings of sociologists, and the most up-to-date and informed comments of theologians and other scholars. Above all else, it allows the Holy Land Churches to speak for themselves.


A la Misión del Cielo por el Martirio, Sacerdotes y Hennanos Paáles Mártires (1934-1939)

Vicepostulación en España-Padres Paüles, 1995

Sixty confreres from the Congregation of the Mission gave their lives for their faith between the years 1934 and 1939. Among these, 15 are the subjects of a process of beatification: three from the com munity of Alcorisa (Teruel): Frs. Fortunato Velasco Tobar and Leoncio Perez Nebreda and Br. Luis Aguirre Bilbao; four from the community of Guadalajara: Frs. Ireneo Rodríguez Gonzalez, Gregorio Cermeño Barceló, Vicente Viluinbrales Fuente and Br. Nar ciso Pascual Pascual; three from the community of Oviedo: Frs. Tomás Pallarés Ibáñez, Vicente Pastor Vicente and Br. Salustiano Gonzalez Crespo; four from the community of Gijón: Frs. Amado Garcia Sanchez, José-Pelayo Granado Prieto, Ricardo Atanes Castro and Andrés-Avelino Gutiénez Moral; and one from the community of Rialp (Lerida): Fr. Antonio Carmanlu Mercader. All of them entered the heavenly mission as martyrs.

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