Vincentian Bibliography


Sacramento y profecía

Las Hijas de la Caridad en el mundo y para el mundo de hoy

CEME, Salamanca, Spain, 2002, 375 pages

“As you see, the general title — Sacramento y Profecía (Sacrament and Prophecy) — which is also the title of a chapter of the book, may seem a bit new as applied to the Daughters of Charity. It is taken from an expression which is becoming more and more familiar in language describing consecrated life. Though, in these pages it is not a simple statement of fact of what the Daughters of Charity today “are becoming.” The title is a call to witness, to consistency, to meaning, and to credibility that is urgent and must be addressed. After all is said and done, it is a series of hammer blows so that the Daughters of Charity never forget that their life and their mission has two inseparable, but complementary poles: to be a visible sign of God's tenderness and goodness and to announce effectively God's predilection for the poor and thus to denounce the perverse mechanisms which disfigure and conceal the face of God in the poor.” (Taken from the author's presentation).


Jean-Baptiste Étienne and the Vincentian Revival

Vincentian Studies Institute, Chicago, Illinois, USA, 2001, 350 pages

“This long-awaited study looks at the pivotal and controversial role of Jean-Baptiste Étienne in the Vincentian Revival, following the chaos and destruction of the French Revolution and Napoleonic eras. Étienne served as the 14th Superior General from 1843-1874, and presided over the reestablishment of the Congregation of the Mission and the Daughters of Charity according to what he described as the “primitive spirit” of St. Vincent of Paul. Étienne recreated the Vincentian communities to meet the needs of the 19th-century world of revolution, democracy, empire and industrialization. As a man of his age, he was conservative, paternalistic, authoritarian, pietistic and Gallican, with a passion for absolute uniformity, obedience and order. Contemporarily described as the “second founder,” this title appears to be appropriate, but was earned at great cost.”


Asociación de la Medalla Milagrosa

Una nueva Imagen para un nuevo Milenio

EditorialLa Milagrosa, Madrid, Spain, 2002, 247 pages

This book collects most of the conferences presented at the First International Meeting of the AMM, held in Rome in October 2001. Also published here is the Final Document of that meeting, which indicates the path for the AMM throughout the world to follow in the coming years. In the same way, it makes known the International Statutes of the AMM and two previously published articles on the spirituality of the Miraculous Medal. It is the first time that what we might consider a “synthesis” of the spirituality, charism, and mission of the AMM has been printed. Members of the AMM and those who work in the accompaniment of this Association will find here valuable material for acquainting themselves with the fundamentals and the reality of the AMM. In addition, those who are looking for reflections on the Miraculous Medal itself from different perspectives will discover here a rereading of the medal from the point of view of modern times, of the poor, and even from a traditional approach.


Vincentiens aujourd'hui

Essai sur la mission en France

Toulouse, France, 143 pages

The team of the “Fiches Vincentiennes” has written a special issue on the understanding of the mission and missionary practices. The authors invite us to look at once again the beginnings of our foundations and their history. They reveal a style of the Vincentian mission at present, in France. This book does not claim to give us recipes for evangelization. It is rather an invitation to take up today the challenge of proclaiming the gospel in a world which throws many challenges before us. The team of the “Fiches” invites us to renew ourselves to the point of opening new paths of mission and service, indicating possible routes for us, in particular that of taking up the challenges of a real collaboration with the Vincentian Family.


Rol y tareas de los asesores en J.M.V.

Editorial La Milagrosa, Madrid, Spain, 2002, 24 pages

This short document is the result of a request made by of the National Directors and other Advisors who took part in the First General Assembly of the Vincentian Marian Youth (Rome, 2000). It was approved by the Vincentian Marian Youth International Council on May 25, 2002, and presents the profile of the Advisor, a description of his/her mission in the Vincentian Marian Youth, some characteristics of the pedagogical style that the Advisors of the Association are being asked to use, a list of some of the concrete functions of the Advisor, and a section containing some practical aspects. Fr. Maloney, Director General of the Association, recommends this document for the study and use of all Advisors to the Vincentian Marian Youth.


COLLECTION (Pubben, J., C.M., organizer). Reflexões sobre São Vicente de Paulo, Gráfica Dom Bosco, Recife, Brazil, 2001, 82 pages.

COLLECTION. Santoral de la Familia Vicentina, Ediciones Familia Vicentina; Printed by Tipografía Editoriales, Mexico, 652 pages. (This hagiography is a collaborative work. The coordinator and editor of the edition was Fr. Vicente de Dios, C.M.).

BARCELÓ M., José. Meditando en “lo nuestro,” Centenario de la Provincia canónica de Barcelona (1902-2002), 80 pages.

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__, Il Messaggio della Medaglia Miracolosa con breve biografia di Santa Caterina Labouré, Associazione Mariana, Rome, Italy, 2002, 84 pages.

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General Bibliography

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