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We call those whose diocesan process (now called diocesan enquiry) has begun Servants of God.

1. Fr Marcantonio Durando CM, born in Mondovì in 1801, died in Turin in 1880, co- founder of the Sisters of Jesus of Nazareth. (The cause of the foundress of these Sisters, Luisa Borgiotti, 1803-1877, is also in the hands of our Postulator). The additional work asked for in 1979 at the meeting of cardinals (the final step on the path to "heroicity of virtues") has been completed, and we expect to have soon the decision on this work, for an early Decree on the heroicity of virtues. This would also allow us to get an early decision on one of the two miracles which we have submitted to the Congregation for the Saints. We will choose the best documented, of which the process was held in Turin in 1936: the cure of very serious eclampsia of childbirth, of Maria Stella INGIANNI in VOTTERO, (born in Genoa 8/6/1903, she is still alive), which took place in Turin in 1932. And we will be close to beatification.

2. Sister Giuseppina Nicòli DC, born in Casatisma (Pavia) in 1863, died in Cagliari 31/12/1924.

The summary of evidence, and the documentation, (one of the two parts of the Positio super virtutibus) has been printed, and we are awaiting the other part (the Informatio on the virtues).

We also have two miracles attributed to her, the processes for which were held in Milan (1936) and Turin (1942).

3. Fr Giovanbattista Manzella CM, born in Soncino (Cremona) in 1855, died in Sassari in 1937.

We have been given reason to hope for the removal of the Holy Office's blocking of the Nihil obstat.

4. The Venerable Frédéric Ozanam (1813-1853), principal founder of the Society of St Vincent de Paul.

The Pope published the decree on the heroicity of virtues on 6 July 1993 (from then on the Servant of God is called Venerable).

We immediately began work on documenting a miracle from 1923. (The cure of malignant diphteria in the child Fernando Benedicto OTTONI, in Nova Friburgo on 3 February 1926).

Ferdinando Luigi Benedetto OTTONI was born on 20/7/1924 and was only 18 months old when, on 2/2/1926 he was stricken with malignant diphteria in Nova Friburgo (Rio di Janeiro) and was on the point of death. Dr Alberto Braune explanined to his mother that the situation was extremely serious; at that time, without antibiotics, mortality was very high --62% of cases -- and cure was rare, or very gradual.

The child's father, Pio Benedetto Ottoni, a lawyer, was in Niteròi (180 km from Nova Friburgo) for an urgent case of a poor client. His wife told him by telegram that their son was getting worse, and to come home. Before leaving he went to his father, the boy's grandfather, Cristiani Ottoni, General Secretary of the St Vincent de Paul Society conference in Rio di Janeiro, who had great devotion to Ozanam. He went down on his knees and prayed to the Servant of God, whose cause had only just opened in Paris, and then turned to his son, reassuring him: "Rest easy, son; Fernando will be alright". When he got home he found his wife thrilled with the unexpected cure of the child, who had begun to drink milk without difficulty; it was the precise moment at which Cristiani Ottoni had spoken after praying.

Dr Alberto Braune, who had come to the house that morning to sign the death certificate, and his son Silvio, also a doctor, were amazed, but had to accept the cure.

The Ordinary Process in Paris (1925-1928) dealt with the miracle. Cf Positio super introductione causae (1953), n. XVI of the Summarium. An opinion of a Roman doctor, the pediatrician Dr Filippo Vercellio, who was questioned about the case, concludes in two reports (November 1933 and December 1935) that the child's cure was instantaneous, total and permanent, outside the laws of pathology, and should therefore be entirely attributed to a miraculous, supernatural and divine intervention.

In spite of the correspondence passing between Paris, Rio di Janeiro and the General Postulator in Rome (at that time a Sulpician Father), the Process already recommended in Rio di Janeiro (Cf Alocution to the General Assembly of the Society) was not begun. As the years passed the point was forgotten, until it was brought to the attention again of a recent meeting of the Theological Consultors (18/12/1992, Relatio, p. 36), meeting to decide on the heroicity of virtues.

The Process opened in Rio in May 1994. The following were able to give evidence: the miraculously cured person himself, now 70 years old and in excellent health; his two sisters, Leonzia who was then 11, and Maria who was bout 10; and the younger brothers who remembered the story as handed down in the family.

His mother, who died in 1951 at 67, left a letter ("to be read after my death") of which her husband, who died in 1969 at 79 years of age, had copies made, giving to each of his children the parts addressed to them.

The printed Positio, which brings together the synthesis of the Process and the Report of the Medical Experts, has been handed in to the Medical Commission, and we expect that, once it has been accepted, Ozanam can be quickly beatified, even by the end of 1995.

5. Sister Rosalie Rendu DC (1786-1856), who helped and directed Ozanam in his charitable work.

The Positio super virtutibus was ready by the end of 1992. We are at the stage of waiting for the Meeting of Theologians. Meanwhile it has received an important unanimous positive decision from the Historical Consultors on 31 May 1994.

6. Fr Salvatore Micalizzi CM, born in Naples in 1856, and died there in 1937.

We have finished the printing of the Summary of Evidence and the Documentation (one of the two parts of the Positio super virtutibus), while awaiting the drawing up of the other part (the Informatio on the virtues).

7. Our Martyrs of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939).

In Teruel

1) Fr Fortunato Velasco Tobar

2) Fr Leoncio Pérez Nebreda

3) Fr Luis Aguirre Bilbao

In Siguenza-Guadalajara

4) Fr Ireneo Rodriguez-Gonzaléz

5) Fr Gregorio Ceremeno Barcelo

6) Fr Vicente Vilumbrales Fuente

7) Br Pascual Narciso Pascual

in Oviedo

8) Fr Pelayo-José Granado Prieto

9) Fr Amado Garcia Sanchez

10) Fr Ricardo Atanes Castro

11) Fr Andrés-Avelino Gutiérrez Moral

12) Fr Tomas Pallarés Ibanez

13) Fr Vicente Pastor Vicente

14) Br Salustiano Gonzalez Crespo

in Urgel

15) Fr Antonio Carmaniu Y Mercader

We have finished the printing of the Summary of Evidence and the Documentation (one of the two parts of the Positio super martyrio); the Informatio will soon be ready.

The Daughters of Charity have also asked for, and obtained, the start of the diocesan process for their martyrs (Sr Josefa Martinez Pérez and 12 companions) and the first session took place in Valencia on 25 November 1994.

8. John Francis Gnidovec CM (1873-1939), bishop of Skopje in ex-Yugoslavia.

We have completed the printing of the Summary of Evidence and the Documentation (one of the two parts of the Positio super virtutibus); the Informatio will soon be completed.

9. Antonio Ferreira Viçoso CM (1844-1875), bishop of Mariana, Brazil.

Work is in progress in drafting the Positio super virtutibus.

10. Mother Justa Dominguez De Vidaurreta, born in Tafalla, Navarra, Spain on 2 November 1875, died in Madrid on 18 December 1958.

The Process, begun in Madrid on 12 November 1991, closed in 1992, and was brought to Rome in January 1993. We are preparing the Positio. Meanwhile, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the process opened on a miraculous cure of Sr Prudencia Zuazo DC, which took place in 1972.

Processes which should be begun

1. Mgr Emilio Francisco Lisson Chaves CM (1872-1961), archbishop of Lima 1918- 1931; his remains were solemnly brought back from Valencia, Spain, where he died, to the cathedral in Lima on 24 July 1991; cf Vincentiana 33 (1991) pp 261-265.

The archbishop of Lima, the designated Attore, has asked us to undertake the postulation; but the cause seems likely to be a demanding one, given the many historical aspects to be investigated and clarified.

2. Sr Anna Cantalupo DC, born in Naples 3 September 1888, died in Catania 17 March 1983.

The "reputation for holiness" is current, especially in Catania where the Neapolitan Daughter of Charity always lived, becoming the reference point for all her charitable work. The Diocesan Enquiry sould begin soon.

3. Fr William Slattery CM, born in Baltimore 7 May 1895, died in Philadelphia 10 August 1982. He was superior general of the CM from 1947 to 1968.

Unfortunately Fr Joseph Dirvin, who was working on a biography, has died. We hope that this work will be resumed and that the "reputation for holiness", a pre-condition for beginning a canonization cause, will grow and involve the supporters of the cause.

4. Sr Clemencia (Francisca Benicia) Oliveira DC, born in Redençao on 23 August 1896, died in Baturité on 2 July 1966.

The Daughters of Charity of the Province of Fortaleza (Brazil) have been appointed Attrici and will very soon be asking the cardinal archbishop to open the Diocesan Enquiry.

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