Secular Vincentian Missionaries

Statutes of MISEVI

0 Basic Principles

0.1The Association sets out to develop an organized presence of lay people within the Church's missionary roles "ad gentes" (to the peoples), especially in missions attached to the Vincentian Family. Judicial links are being set up between the seculars; bonds with the congregation of the Mission and the Company of the Daughters of Charity are of a spiritual charismatic, collaborative character.

0.2The principal aim of this Association is support, fundamentally moral or spiritual coordination of the secular missionary adults. Obtaining funds to realize projects is a secondary aim which can be fulfilled with the ONG-d of the Vincentian Family, or through other ONGs' activities, or other appropriate means.

0.3The Association will have a missionary Vincentian spirituality, which will take directions from the present social teaching of the Church, and founded upon the specific virtues that St. Vincent entrusts to his missionaries. This will be elaborated in a special document.

0.4The Association will embrace the members of Vincentian groups and movements who have been sent on mission; the members of 'MISEVI' will continue to belong to their original association who will feel bound to support them; the Spirit will go on indicating the options each one of the lay people ought to assume.

0.5Contact and collaboration will be sought with the Vincentian Family, especially at local level, both at the point of origin of missionary enterprises, and in locations of missionary service, within the possibilities of each concrete situation.


1.1The Association of "Secular, Vincentian Missionaries" (MISEVI) is canonically erected as an Association of Faithful with autonomous, full jundical personality, and consequently it can possess, administer, and dispose of every kind of goods and rights; it can take on obligations in all circumstances, and perform actions in defence of its interests, before all kinds of persons, authorities, and jurisdictions.


2.1The Association of "Secular Vincentian Missionaries" (MISEVI) is formed to promote, facilitate, support, and co-ordinate the presence and missionary work of the laity on foreign ("ad gentes") missions, entrusted to the Vincentian Family or animated by it. It is included within the organizations not earmarked for development (ONG-d).

2.2Among the ends of the Association are the following:

2.2.1To offer human, moral, spiritual formative, economic backing to missions linked to the Vincentian Family, by sending lay people to work in the missions and by material assistance to the different projects.

2.2.2To be a channel of communion and exchange between lay missionaries who take part in the Association.

2.2.3To realize a spiritual life in groups and to share communally the lay members who are engaged in foreign missions.

2.2.4To facilitate the relevance and presence of the Vincentian laity who work within the co-ordinating structures of Vincentian Associations according to their specific norms.

2.2.5To support link-ups between the lay missionaries and the communities of origin, who have sent them on mission.

2.2.6To welcome the missionaries on return from their missionary labours, offering human, formative, spiritual and economic support according to what is set down in their Internal Rule.


3.1The Association is of national ambit, although in agreement with its aim, it is extended also to the countries of the mission.


The social domicile of the Association is based in Madrid, 30 Jose Abascal Street. The general Assembly can agree to its transfer in accordance with agreement of an absolute majority of its members.


5.1The Association is comprised of lay Vincentians, whether preparing to live, living or having lived, in foreign missions, or are linked in some way to the missionary work of the Vincentian Family in their communities of origin.

5.2The members of the Association can be:

5.2.1Members in formation; youth or adults of different Vincentian Associations

-whether they are in preparation so as to undertake missionary activities in different Vincentian Associations, and wish to learn more of the talent of our Association, with a view to forming part of it

-or they are in the first years of presence on foreign missions

5.2.2Collaborative Members: All persons who desire to collaborate with the

Association taking on concrete commitments of service.

5.2.3Honorary Members: those who had full rights and are now 5 years without being incorporated to the mission; and wish to continue being linked to this Association from their country of origin.

5.2.4Members with full right are those seculars who renew their commitment to belong to this Association, every three years, without any limit to their renewals, with a minimum of a previous 2 years missionary work "ad gentes", and a maximum of 5 years without such missionary presence.

5.3Highs and Lows of the members

5.3.1Those who aspire to be members with full right should be accepted in writing by the co-ordinating Team after competing 2 years of lay ministry on the missions, and having come to know sufficiently the proper character of this Association, with a prior written application from those interested.

5.3.2The members with full right, who are on mission will renew in writing every 3 years their commitment to belong to the Association, although they rescind that missionary commitment, when they consider it suitable, following dialogue on the reasons for their decision, with some member of the co-ordinating Team; in each case, to facilitate organising the ongoing missionary responsibilities, notice will be given six months in advance.

5.3.3Members will full right lose this status if it takes them more than five successive years without going on foreign mission work, for at least one year's duration. And to be honorary members, they must make a request in writing.

5.3.4The expulsion of members with full right following dialogue with the person concerned, requires an absolute majority of the co-ordinating team and the V.B. of the Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission and of the Daughters of Charity, or of his Delegate in the Association.

6Commitments of the Members

6.1The members in formation will endeavour to assume the attitudes and content proper to an integral missionary preparation. Also, they will be formed in a lifestyle proper to members with full right. "MISEVI" will help to coordinate formation with the highest possible quality.

6.2Collaborative Members will have available necessary, information on projects of the Association and will seek the mission's well-being by way of prayer, management of projects, raising funds, social awareness, contributing to the formation, satisfaction of quotas, etc.

6.3Honorary Members will know in detail about the Associations projects, and will cooperate with their own means to bring them to completion in the best possible manner.

They will try to:

6.3.1Live a concrete commitment of service/evangelization of the poor.

6.3.2Be in communion with the mission by their prayer.

6.3.4Be concerned about permanent formation and collaborate in the preparation of the formation of members.

6.3.5Live out the communication of goods with economic contributions according to the Internal Rule.

6.4Members with Full Right will offer their highest interest in collaborating with the ends of the Association.

Conceitedly, they will endeavour:

6.4.1.To give themselves generously to the missionary tasks defined in their mission commitment and in the communal pastoral projects.

6.4.2.To try and deepen their Vincentian spirituality a life of prayer, to bring their service into prayer, a knowledge of Vincentian doctrine and witnesses, etc.

6.4.3.To present suggestions and initiatives for the progress of the Association's identity.

6.4.4.To be ready to join the Co-ordinating Team of the Association.

6.4.5.To offer to the common fund the economic rewards of their mission according to the Internal Rule and the Common Project of each community.


7.1.The General Assembly is the highest level of the Association's participation and government. All the Members have right of voice and vote.

7.1.1.Ordinarily it will meet every 4 years; its role is to review the Association's progress, give guidelines on a program, of future activity and look at economic balance and proposals.

7.1.2.An extraordinary gathering will take place by agreement of the Co-ordinating Team, or by request of a third of the Members with full right.

7.1.3.The General Assembly is validity constituted when it has been convoked by the Co-ordinating Team, and two thirds of the Members are present. Decisions with be reached by an absolute majority on the first vote, or by a simple majority on the second, the exception being those for which the present Statutes indicate the need for another form of majority.

7.1.4.Those who attend the General Assembly

- Ex Officio, the Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission and of the Company of the Daughters of Charity or his Delegate, and Members of the Co-ordinating Team.

- By election, a representative of the Members of Full] Right, who work in each diocesan mission area, elected by secret vote, postal, or by simple majority of the Members concerned.

- By election, a representation, one of the honorary Members, another of the collaborative Members, and another of the Members in formation, elected among each category of Members by secret internal ballot by post, or simple majority; the number of delegates for each representation will be decided by the Co-ordinating Team, so that always the total of the representations does not exceed 25% of All Members of the Assembly.

7.2.The President of the Association has the duty io animate and co-ordinate the Association's life, as also to represent it in civil and ecclesial situations.

7.2.1.The President will be chosen by the General Assembly in a secret ballot among the members with full right. An absolute majority is needed in the first two ballots; in case no one receives it, a third ballot is taken of the two who have obtained the highest vole, and the one receiving the majority of votes is then elected.

7.2.2.The Assembly election ought to be confirmed by the Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission and of the Company of the Daughters of Charity.

7.3.The Running of the Association will devolve upon a Co-ordinating Team. in accordance with the Statues, Internal Rule, the Spirituality Document, and guidelines of the General Assemblies.

7.3.1.The Co-ordinating Team will distribute internally the functions of secretary, treasurer, "Vocalias" (speakers?) in accordance with decision made by the President.

7.3.2.This team will be composed of the President, three lay members with full right, a Daughter of Charity, a Vincentian Priest, and the representatives of the Vincentian Family lay Associations, who have members'on MISEVI'. At least three of them will reside geographically near the secretary.

7.3.3.The members of the Co-ordinating Team will be elected in the General Assembly by secret ballot. This will be by an absolute majority in the first 2 ballots, and a simple majority in the third, among the members with full right, and the members of the General Assembly, after the introduction of the possible Candidates.

7.3.4.The Daughter of Charity is nominated by the Visitatrices of the Daughters of Charity from the Canonical Provinces of Spain.

7.3.5.The Vincentian Priest is nominated by the Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission after prior consultation with the Visitors of the Canonical Provinces of Spain.

7.3.6.The representatives of the Vincentian Associations will be nominated by their own directional procedures in accordance with the guidelines of the Co-ordinating Team.

7.3.7.All the members of the Co-ordinating Team are nominated for 4 years, renewable for 2 more terms as a maximum. The time given to this service will not be so reckoned as io forfeit the status of member with full right. The duration of the nominations of the Daughter of Charity and Vincentian Priest will be flexible, adapted to times set for other functions of co-ordination liable to unfold in the Vincentian Family of Spain, with maximum length of time being 12 consecutive years.

7.3.8.The Co-ordinating Team will meet at least 3 times a year, by convocation order on the day set up by the President arranging the presence of two thirds of the members at the first convocation, and half at the second. Decision will be made by a majority of two thirds at the first ballot, and by an absolute majority at the second.


8.1The Association does not have any profit making character; its goods are the capital of the poor. The usual way of collaboration will be voluntary, and without remuneration, except in apostolates approved by the General Assembly. No labours bonds are forged with the members of the Association.

8.2The Association will help to generate among the different social groups and institutions with whom they collaborate, sufficient economic concern to enable each one of the missionaries to provide for basic needs in food, accommodation, clothing, traveling, rest...,according to the habitual circumstances of their place of missionary work.

8.3The economic funds used in the Association can proceed from:

- contribution and gifts from well-wishers.

- quotas from Association members.

- revenue obtained from possible fees for work of lay missionaries.

- contributions from institutions in which they render services.

- other appropriate means.

8.4An account will be set up with the prime purpose of reserving and investing some resources to help defray the expenses of insurance and support for reinsertion in their country of origin, those members with more than 3 years duration with full right.

8.5.The Co-ordinating Team has the duty of fixing criteria for economic expenditure and looking after the correct application. The Treasurer will present an annual report of the accounts for the approval of the Co-ordinating Team. The Co-ordinating Team has the task of editing and approving the proposed balance and records of the Association, which will be sent annually for the approbation to the Superior General of the Congragation of the Mission and of the Company of Daughters of Charity.

9.Relations with the Vincentian Family

9.1The Association, with the independence of full juridical personality, and autonomy, is linked to the Vincentian charism and its spirituality; therefore in the context mentioned it recognises the supreme authority of the Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission and of the Company of Daughters of Charity.

It is for him so:

9.1.1.Give guidelines for living the Vincentian charism.

9.1.2.See to integrity of the of the missionary talent.

9.1.3.Approve the Statues and their possible modifications.

9.1.4.Nominate the Vincentian who forms part of the Co-ordinating Team.

9.1.5.Confirm the President elected by the General assembly.

9.1.6. Propose possible commitments and fields of action themes for study, etc.

9.2.For the pursuit and formation in the Vincentian charism of all Association members collaboration will be required, among the Daughters of Charity and the Vincentian associations, or person and Institutions who accord with the Vincentian charism; this spiritual accompaniment will be animated chiefly by the Vincentian and the Daughter of Charity on the Co-ordinating Team.

10.Fusion, reform of statues, dissolution

10.1.The fusion of the Association with others who pursue the same ends and the reform or their Statutes ought to be agreed in General Assembly, and will require a favorable vote of two-thirds of the members participating, and its approval by the Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission and of the Company of Daughters of Charity.

10.2.The association will be dissolved by juridical sentence, disposition of the competent canonical authority, or by agreement of two-thirds of the General Assembly members, accepted in extraordinary session, and ratified by the Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission and of the Company of Daughters of Charity.

10.3With the dissolution of the Association, the remaining (finance) coming from the liquidation will be handed over to a non-profit making cause, to be designated by the Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission and of the Company of Daughters of Charity, on the proposal of the General Assembly, among those who follow similar ends to those of the defunct Association, and who have provided for a like disposal of its goods, in case of dissolution.

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