Appointments and confirmations

by the Superior General


Date NameOfficeProvince


12/03/96Homero ElíasSuperior El Alto 1/3(General Curia)

13/03/96Chacko PanatharaSuperior Tanzanie 1/3(General Curia)

16/03/96Gonzalo MartínezVisitor 1/6Equator

20/03/96Hugh O'DonnellVisitor 2/3China

21/03/96Francisco Xavier da SilvaDirector D.C. (2nd mandate)Fortaleza

22/03/96Joseph L. LevesqueVisitor 2/3USA Eastern

22/03/96J. Hypólito Cassiano PenaDirector D.C. 1/6Rio de Janeiro

30/03/96Santo GranáNat. Chaplain. Marian Assoc Italy

05/04/96William HartenbachVisitor 1/6 USA Midwest

05/04/96John S. SledzionaVisitor 1/6 USA New England

13/04/96Raymond de Barreau Director D.C. (+2 years) Toulouse

26/04/96Christian SensVisitor 2/3 Toulouse

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