Appointments and confirmations

by the Superior General

Beginning with this first issue of 1995, it has been decided to publish only the appointments and confirmations which are made by the Superior General, and no longer those made by Provincials, because there are provincial bulletins for these latter.

In the past, all appointments in the Congregation were at least confirmed by the Superior General and for that reason Vincentiana published them. But that is no longer the case. Therefore, there is no reason for publishing them in this magazine. On the contrary, you will find all Congregation appointments in the annual Catalogue.

However, the General Curia reminds Provincials that they should continue to send it the appointments that they have made in their provinces as they have done in the past.




09/01/95Andrzej SIEMINSKIDirector DC 1/6Zaire

10/1/95Giuseppe GUERRAProvincial 1/6Naples

19/01/95Ettore ZOPPIDirector DC (2nd term)Sardinia

19/01/95William BOGELDirector DC (3rd term)Normandy


Because the names of the deceased are published each month in NUNTIA and recapitulated for the entire year in the CATALOGUE, we will no longer publish them in VINCENTIANA

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