Asian-Pacific Visitors Conference (APVC)

Sydney (Australia), 11-15 April, 1994

Minutes of Understanding*

We are a Conference of Visitors of the Asian-Pacific Region representing at present the CM provinces of Australia, China, India, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Our general objective is to carry the spirit and charism of St. Vincent de Paul into the evangelizing of peoples and cultures of the Asian-Pacific Region.

To carry out this General Objective we set these specific objectives:

  1. to foster interior renewal and ongoing formation for the mission in our region;

  2. to search for common lines of formation and action;

  3. to foster inter-provincial cooperation;

  4. to exchange vocation and pastoral experiences;

  5. to foster meetings between provinces;

  6. to create an Asian-Pacific community conscience.

To ensure the realization of these objectives, we propose

  1. that we meet annually, except in the years when there is a General Assembly or a worldwide meeting of Visitors; at these times and places we shall look for an opportunity to meet either before, during or after the said assembly or meeting;

  2. that we explore possible sources of funds to establish a scholarship; use of these funds shall be authorized through a resolution by the conference;

  3. that we rotate the chairmanship of the Conference each year:

  • the chairman holds office in his own province;

  • he is in charge of preparations, hosting the meeting of the Visitors and finally submitting the minutes and resolutions of the conference;

  • he is the conference's liaison with the General Curia.

* “The `Minutes of Understanding' constitutes our by-laws. We considered this sufficient for the size of our group and the informal and friendly nature of our cooperation.” (cf. A letter from Fr. Hugh O'Donnell to General Curia, 26 April 2001).


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