Project Evaluation Report

Reports help us build relationships with external funding agencies, private donors, and donor Provinces of the CM. Also, these reports help the VSO create a story for the VSO bulletins, the VSO website, or promotional materials to engage future donors.

It is extremely important to have these reports because the VSO represents the Congregation of the Mission, and mediates between the Province, Vice-Province, or Mission and the external funding agencies, private donors, and donor Provinces of the CM.

Below is a link to a report form template that will help you complete an interim or final report of a project or micro-project for the VSO. It is important that you provide all the information requested with as much detail as possible.

A complete project evaluation report must include:

  1. A written narrative evaluating the implementation of the project
  2. Digital photos of the project and the people who benefited
  3. A financial report
  4. Copies of all receipts for the income and expenses of the project

In addition, it is recommended but not required to include a thank you letter on official letterhead, signed, and stamped from the Province, Vice-Province or Mission.

Any additional information needed to fulfill the reporting requirements for grants awarded by external funding agencies for the project will be requested as needed.

Please send your report to the VSO. 

If you have any questions about how to fill out this form, email us and we will be happy to help.

Thank you for helping the VSO report on projects!

Click the button below to download the form in your preferred format.

(*PDF requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded for free from Adobe.)