The Congregration of the Mission in the World

Provinces of the Congregation of the Mission

“Province” is the territorial entity that defines the presence of the Congregation of the Mission in a particular area and also defines its structure of government.

From the time that provinces were established there has been a spirit of collaboration that has fostered interprovincial and continental unity.  The various conferences of Visitors are another form of government that is intended to serve as a bridge between the local level of the Congregation and the international level.

The Conferences of Visitors are a continental expression of the Vincentian charism which, through joint initiatives of the various provinces, gives an identity to the mission.  These conferences are also an expression of interprovincial collaboration — indeed, many provinces and vice-provinces were established as a result of the assistance that other provinces provided to them.  Interprovincial collaboration in the areas of pastoral ministry, formation ministry, financial assistance is not a new reality, but has been a part of the life of the Congregation from the time of ts foundation.


All the Conferences have statutes, that is, norms that guide their functioning, norms that are able to be modified.  In an attempt to summarize the primary objectives that are pursued by the Conferences, we would list the following:

  • Mutual understanding (of the provincial reality and the reality of the confreres);
  • Interprovincial cooperation, collaboration and fraternal assistance;
  • Involvement in common projects that benefit the development of the mission;
  • Promotion of initial and on-going formation;
  • Internal renewal of the Congregation, that is, internal renewal of the missionaries and their ministries;
  • Inculturation of the Vincentian charism.

In one way or another, all the Conferences encourage formation (initial and on-going formation, and especially, apostolic formation).  Another area of focus in the formation of formators.

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Conferences of Visitors


Conference of Visitors in Africa and Madagascar


Conference of Visitors of Europe and the Middle East


Conference of Latin American Vincentian Provinces


Asia Pacific Visitors’ Conference


National Conference of Visitors of the United States