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SIEV (Secrétariat International des Études Vincentiennes) is the international body of the Congregation of the Mission established in response of the postulates of 1980 General Assembly by the Superior General, Fr. Richard McCullen in 1982. It’s purpose is to animate, promote and develop fundamental studies on heritage of the Vincentian Family – St. Vincent, St. Louise, their works and spirituality, history of the Companies, etc. in order to assist CM Provinces, group of Provinces and various branches of the Vincentian Family in their efforts to share the charism there, where they are ministering.

In 2014 another Superior General, Fr. Gregory Gay, responding to the need to develop a renewed interest in Vincentian Studies and for the purpose of giving a new impulse to the International Secretariat for Vincentian Studies, convoked ten Missionaries from various provinces and cultural traditions and asked them to reflect together with the members of his council on the mission of SIEV in order to give a greater precision to its purpose and objectives. The Congregation of the Mission and the whole Vincentian Family understand the need to actualize and recreate the Vincentian charism in the midst of the new cultural and existential contexts of the present era. SIEV members are appointed for six year terms which can be renewed for another three years. They are formators in the Congregation of the Mission who have a special appreciation of Vincentian roots.

Current goals of SIEV

Current goals of SIEV are:
  • To prepare a reflection theme for our annual meeting and then share this reflection with the provinces and the larger Vincentian Family. We hope to publish very soon the fruit of our reflection in 2015 on the theme of 400 years of mission and charity.
  • To develop a resource bank that will bring together the formation material from the various language groups and internet sites, thus placing this material at the service of the provinces and the Vincentian Family.
  • To establish a procedure for classifying Vincentian material that can be applied in our work to make this information available to the provinces and to the Vincentian Family.
  • To take greater interest in the present archives in the Congregation and reflect upon a proposal for a work in common.
  • To establish a special program to obtain Master’s degree in Vincentian Studies. To provide academic recognition of the program it will be done through the various universities that are administered by the Congregation.


To respond to the Postulate voted by the General Assembly of 1980: “It is proposed that each Province or group… read more

The objectives of SIEV are to ENCOURAGE, INFORM and PROMOTE

all aspects of Vincentian Studies


The objectives of SIEV are to ENCOURAGE, INFORM and PROMOTE

all aspects of Vincentian Studies


Andrés Román María Motto, CM

Director, CIF -

Emil Hoffmann,CM

Province of Slovak ,

Vinícius Augusto Teixeira Ribeiro

Province of Rio,

Guénolé Feugang, CM

Province of Cameroon,

Daniel Franklin Pilario Estepa, CM

Province of Philippines,

Francisco Javier Alvárez, CM

Vicar General - Curia,

Nelio Pereira Pita, CM

Province of Portugal ,

Dan Borlik, CM

Province of USA - Western,

Corpus Juan Delgado Rubio, CM

Province of Zaragoza,

Fransiscus X. Armada Riyanto, CM

Province of Indonesia,

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