General Council in tempo forte. The General Council met from 7-11 March in a tempo forte session. It approved the 2004 Financial Report, presented by Fr. Elmer Bauer III, C.M., Treasurer General. It studied various reports: from Fr. Giuseppe Guerra, C.M., Postulator General; from Brother Peter A. Campbell, C.M., Director of the Vincentian Solidarity Office (VSO); from Fr. John B. Freund, C.M., Webmaster; from Fr. Roberto Lovera, C.M., Executive Secretary of SIEV and members of SIEV. Likewise, other reports on offices of the Congregation were discussed: the CIF Program, the Vincentian NGO at the UN and the Office of the Delegate for the Vincentian Family. Finally, the General Council reflected on the missions: the list of volunteers, the work proposed by Fr. José Antonio Ubillús, Assistant for the Missions and the situation of the International Mission of El Alto, Bolivia.