Sharing moments of sadness. On 14 March, Fr. Józef Kapuściak, C.M. , Vicar General , participated at the funeral of Fr. Franc Pavlić, C.M. , Superior of the International Mission of El Alto (Bolivia) in Ljubljana (Slovenia) . The Mass, presided by Msgr. Anton Stres, C.M., Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Maribor , was celebrated in All Saints Parish . More than 50 priests, the parents and family of Fr. Pavlić , many faithful, numerous Daughters of Charity and sisters of other religious congregations participated at it. After the Eucharistic celebration, the urn containing the ashes was carried to the adjacent cemetery and buried among the tombs of other confreres. Fr. Kapuściak participated as the representative of the General Curia, to which the International Mission of El Alto is confided.