Misión HondurasThe Mission of Honduras becomes a Region

(A Region dependent on the Province of Barcelona)

By: Isaac Demets, CM


On January 19th we, the members of the various houses that compose the community in Honduras, gathered together at the Centro Tres Rosas (Three Roses Center).  On that occasion we rejoiced in the presence of Father Enrique Alagarda, CM, Visitor of the Province of Barcelona.
Throughout the year we will come together on three different occasions to share our experiences, and our concerns, to participate in on-going formation, to plan and to evaluate our ministry and our life together.
On that occasion, however, there was something quite distinct about our coming together.  During the celebration of the Eucharist that took place in the evening of January 19th, Father Enrique read the Decree of Establishment of the Region of Honduras, a Region dependent on the Province of Barcelona.  After the reading of the Decree we welcomed Father José Vicente Nácher, CM as the new Regional Superior.
This was also a time to give thanks to God for the service that Father Jesús Palau, CM had rendered to the community as superior during the past three years.  It was also a time to give thanks to God for this new step that the Mission in Honduras had taken, a step that has enabled it to be established as a Region.  Now is the time for all the Missionaries who form part of this area of the Kingdom of God to continue to minister with greater unity, to become more deeply involved in the ministry and the mission, to be merciful …
Let us now trust that the Spirit will guide us in this new journey with renewed and life-giving vigor.

Translated: Charles T. Plock, CM