clapviOn October 24th, in the Seminary of Saint Vincent de Paul (Santiago, Chile) the formation session for local superiors was initiated … this opportunity for on-going formation was sponsored by CLAPVI.

Father Corpus Delgado (Zaragoza) animated and directed this encounter.  Using the Practical Guide for the Local Superior, Father facilitated the participants in their reflection on the ministry of the local superior and on the exercise of authority as service for communion and the mission.  These reflections were enriched by the congregational experiences of Father Corpus and by the contributions from the various confreres.  In light of the Constitutions and the Statutes of the Congregation of the Mission and some other ecclesial documents, the participants attempted to give new life to the Practical Guide.

The following participated in this encounter:

  • Jesús García, Mario Yepez Barrientos and Rafael Buendía (Perú).
  • José Vicente Nacher (Zaragoza ministering in Honduras).
  • Edison Famanía and José Manuel Delgado (Region Panamá – Province of Philadelphia)
  • Luis Carlos de Oliveira (Curitiba).
  • Paulo José de Araujo (Río de Janeiro).
  • Rodis Christensen, Gastón Parada, Carlos de la Rivera, Mario Villar, David Paniagua, Alejandro Fabres, Hipólito Hidalgo and Fernando Macías (Chile).
  • Rafael Antonio Presidente and Miguel Ángel Aguilar (Central America).
  • Miguel Ángel Páez and Sergio Plana (Argentina).
  • Jair Vélez and José Robinson Silva (Colombia)
  • Miguel Encarnación Rodríguez, (Region of Venezuela – Province of Colombia).

Translated: Charles T. Plock, CM