Highlights from the June 2017 issue of Perboyre Sparks, the newsletter of the Province of China….

Vocation Promotion

With an invitation from Hualien Diocese, the CM participated in Vocation Day Festival at the local seminary in Hualien City on May 6, 2017. Different parishes, youth, non-catholics and religious congregations working for the diocese participated on this annual event to promote vocation awareness.

Fr. Dandy Labitag went with a staff to represent and promote the spirit of CM. Vincentian books, cards and other promotion materials were distributed to some interested young people.

Ongoing Formation for China Clergy in Manila

The CM Chinese Province in collaboration with Philippine Province successfully organized in the Philippines the second of three-phased OGF program for 1st batch of Chinese clergy from four (4) dioceses (Beijing, Changzi, Haimen and Nanchang) on April 19 – May 18, 2017. The one-month program offered classes for twelve (12) priests on missiology, ecclesiology, liturgy, spirituality and parish management. They were also given opportunity to experience the popular mission for 5 days in one of the rural areas of Bicol Province which gave them deep impression and encouragement on how to serve and evangelize the poor through Vincentian ways. The program through the supervision of Fr. Eko Prasetyo is on its second year and gained positive feedbacks and more requests from other dioceses in China.

Seminar for 400 Years

Confreres, leaders and representatives from FamVin groups and parishes gathered on May 22-25, 2017 at the activity center of Msgr. Joseph Chow Building (Provincial Residence, Lanya, Taipei) for a seminar on 400 Years of Vincentian Charism. Organized by CM Chinese Province, the theme “Reflecting 400 years of Vincentian Charism and Developing Vincentian Family” elicited topics on areas of Vincentian history, collaboration, social services, youth and parish life. Parish leaders, FamVin group leaders, confreres, DC sisters and other branches of FamVin in Taiwan participated the event.

Vincentian youth gather

Youth groups from Vincentian parishes in Taiwan and a music band from St. Vincent High School gathered on June 10th in Christ the King Parish Church, Taipei to sing songs of praises, give testimonies and encourage each other in a half-day event that brought together the energy and enthusiasm of the youth. While the youth were enjoying their own activities, parishioners from Taipei parishes were also busy distributing catholic paraphernalia to passers-by and

SSVP sold second-hand materials for fund-raising. Organized by Fr. Pawel Wierzbicki, the activity culminated with a raffle and distribution of certificate of appreciation to participants. The young people are looking forward to the next gathering in 2018. A short video of the event can be watched on this site https://youtu.be/pA1YQZdrvg8 .