Fr. José Antonio González, CM of the  Province of Colombia offer us  CREDO – On the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the origin of the Vincentian charism 

We believe in the Blessed Trinity, the ultimate source of our life and activity, who gathers us together in communion, respects our differences, gives a dynamic to our values and charisms and does all of this so that we can proclaim the merciful love of God to the world.

We believe in God the Father who in loving kindness has created us and invites us to live life in a dignified, free, joyful and respectful manner.

We believe in Jesus Christ, the Missionary of the Father, who has called us to live in profound intimacy with him, called us to clothe ourselves in his spirit, and also called us to be guided by the Spirit so that we might be the evangelizers and the servants of the poor, “our lords and masters”.

We believe in the Holy Spirit, the renewing force of life that inspires our searching, reaffirms our faith and makes our charity creative.

We believe in the Church, the community of witnesses, the humble servant of the Kingdom of God, who expresses her certainty and her hope in missionary proclamation and in service that symbolizes her solidarity and kindness.

We believe in the evangelical inspiration that our Founders lived and that nourishes our desires to build a better world which is ruled by justice and affective and effective love toward those men and women who are poor; we believe in the renewal of the Church that is animated by holy and wise Missionaries, by Daughters of Charity who are committed to humble service on behalf of the poor and by dedicated laymen and lay women who are faithful to their baptismal commitment.

We believe in the providential presence of God in our spiritual family that celebrates the 400th anniversary of the birth of its charism; the providential presence of God that gathers us together to look at the past with gratitude, to live the present with integrity and to move out toward the future with hope and creativity.



Charles T. Plock, CM

Province of Philadelphia

Another such creed appeared on FamVin earlier this year.