Vice Province of Vietnam – Continuing Formation

During the week of July 19-28, 2017, all Vincentian members, whether in the country or studying abroad returned to the Durando Institute of Philosophy in Dalat to attend the annual Continuing Formation and Retreat.

These days focused on the 400 years of grace of the Vincentian charism. The purposes of all the talks and discussions were:

  • To encourage, promote, and sharpen the Vincentian Vocation.
  • To nurture and nourish the Vincentian members in strengthening their commitment to the mission of servicing the poorest of the poor.
  • To foster and cultivate the awareness of the five (5) Vincentian virtues in the Vincentian members’ consecrated life, and
  • To help the Vincentian members remain faithful to the heritage and charism of the Congregation of the Mission of Saint Vincent de Paul.

After three days of the annual continuing formation, all Vincentian members entered into the one week retreat. The retreat aims:

  • To continue deepening, meditating, and enriching the Vincentian members’ commitment to the spirit of serving that is the principal of the Vincentian charism,
  • To continue conversing, transforming, and renewing the Vincentian members’ vocation. The conversion, transformation, and renewal of each individual will lead to the conversion, transformation, and renewal of the community for we are one Body in Christ, and
  • To consecrate the Vincentian community through conversation and commitment to the spirit of servicing that will make the communities become the community of witness and proclamation of the Good News. The good and holy life of each Vincentian missionary and each community will make the Gospel Message that we preach be more acceptable.

At the conclusion of the annual retreat, the Province of Vietnam concelebrated a Mass of Thanksgiving for eight seminarians who had finished the initial formation and professed their Perpetual Vows. Having young people committed to living the Vincentian charism is the special gift that God granted to the Congregation of the Mission, the Province of Vietnam.

John the Baptist Nguyen Trong Thịnh, CM.

2 Responses to Vice Province of Vietnam – Continuing Formation

  1. John Freund August 17, 2017 at 11:51 am #

    On August 12, 2017, the Vice-province received 20 candidates into the Internal Seminary or Novitiate. They also celebrated 14 confreres who completed the Internal Seminary and took “Good Purposes” Minh Trieu, CM

  2. The Rev. Dr. Edward Ambrose "Ed" August 17, 2017 at 12:53 pm #

    God’s blessings of empowerment upon you is obvious! May you feel His presence,always,in your midst.

    Ed Ambrose