Readings: Genesis 15:5 – 12. 17 – 18; Philippians 3:17 – 4:1 and Luke 9:28b – 36.

As Mary asked the angel at the time of the annunciation, how can this be since I do not know man? so also in the first reading Abram asked; O Lord God how am I to know that I shall possess it [the land]? In James 2:23, Abraham is referred to as a friend of God and in John 15:15, Jesus called his disciples friends. When we have a friend, do we find it easier to talk about our fears and doubts? In true friendship we find an authentic freedom that makes it possible to ask how. In my understanding asking the question how may proceed from a positive or a negative perspective. In the positive perspective, the how question posed to God is the fruit of humility, simplicity, trust and love. On the other hand, asking how could be the result of pride and/or arrogance which does not terminate with the response to the how question but continues until it brings ruin to the soul of man. When we ask God how, it should be done from the perspective of loving obedience and never from the perspective of rebellion.

In the second reading, Saint Paul enjoined the believers to stand firm in the faith. God’s answer to our how questions often requires that we stand firm in faith and hope and love as we anticipate the coming of the Lord who will, at the fullness of time, change us to be like his glorious body. In standing firm, we need to stand constantly with Christ. In standing with Christ, we ought to learn from his humility and obedience which ed him to sacrifice himself for the sake of love. The transfiguration of Jesus in the gospel reading was meant to reveal to his disciples the fact that Jesus is truly the Son of God and that He is the fulfillment of the laws and the prophets  Thus, as we read the passion narratives we discover the need to believe in Jesus even in the darkest moments of our.. 

Divine Providence is at the heart of the foundation of our Congregation. Saint Vincent de Paul emphasized our need to trust Divine Providence as we respond to the call to bringing the good news to the poor. Thus, when we ask how, we must rely on divine providence.

Fr Augustine Abiagom CM
Province of Nigeria