Dear Confreres:

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ Evangelizer of the poor be with us!

The 43rd General Assembly of the Congregation of the Mission is scheduled from June 27-July 15, 2022 and will be held at a location to be determined. The theme is

“Revitalizing our Identity at the beginning of the Fifth Century
of the Congregation of the Mission”.

We, the members of the Preparatory Commission met in Rome in early March, 2020 to start the preparations. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic we had to continue our work online using social media technology. Enclosed is a packet of materials that will be useful for planning your Domestic and Provincial Assemblies. In this packet you will find:

1. The Instrumentum Laboris, which will guide your reflection and sharing in the Domestic and Provincial Assemblies.
2. The results of the “Individual Participation”, the survey conducted using Google
forms to which more than one thousand confreres responded.
3 The latest version of the Practical Guide for the Visitor, nos. 205-225 that deal with the provincial assembly. For those who wish a more detailed guide, you can find this in You can download this optional guide to assist you in preparing for the provincial assemblies.
4. The Directory for the General Assembly 2022. This Directory is substantially the same as the previous one except for a change that was approved in the General Assembly of 2016 concerning the calculation of the number of delegates. This is now found at 5 §2. of this Directory.
5. The Certificate of Election of Delegates to the General Assembly and Data Sheet
for each participant. (C 139 and S 87) Please fill this certificate and data sheet and attach a 2×2 picture for each delegate. The General Assembly of 201 ó has approved a change in the number of delegates. In terms of representation, the new S. 89,2 states, “there should be present one delegate from each province and vice-province for the first seventy-five members having active voice, if, however, there are more than seventy-five members having active voice, there will be another delegate for each fifty (50) members or part thereof. (See also Directory for the General Assembly, 5,2)
6. A letter of instruction on proposing three (3) names of confreres for the Office of the Superior General.
7. Instructions on the Presentation of Postulates to the General Assembly. Each confrere, Province, Vice-Province and Region has the right to present postulates to the General Assembly. The instructions can guide you on how to make the postulates. (S 88,3)
8. An Optional Prayer Guide for domestic and provincial assemblies can also be found on the General Assembly website:

We ask your Province or Vice-Province to schedule your Domestic and Provincial Assemblies between September 2020 Noveber 2021

Please send the results of your Provincial Assembly to the Preparatory Commission to arrive on or before November 30, 2021. Kindly send all the materials by e-mail in Word format to the Preparatory Commission, e-mail address:

We are well aware that many countries where our Congregation is present are experiencing all kinds of limitations and restrictions due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Moreover, it has unexpectedly made us more busy taking care of the needs of the most vulnerable sectors of our society. But preparations for the General Assembly 2022 must continue. We hope and pray that this pandemic does not disrupt our preparations for the General Assembly. We ask you to find creative ways to gather your confreres for the Domestic and Provincial Assemblies and get their full and active participation.

Every General Assembly is an extraordinary moment in our Congregation’s life. Let us prepare for it, participate actively in it and pray that the Spirit of the Lord revitalize all of us as we begin the fifth century of the Congregation of the Mission. Let us ask the intercession of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal and all the Vincentian saints and blessed to accompany our journey towards renewal.

Your Brothers in Saint Vincent,

The GA 2022 Preparatory Commission:

Gregorio Banaga Jr., Roland Gutierrez, Guenolé Feugang, Jaroslav Jasso,
Stuardo Marroquin, Frederick Pellefigue and Thomas Stehlik.