On Easter Thursday, April 08, 2021, at the Durando Institute in Dalat (Philosophy and Theology Institute of the Province of Vietnam), fifteen Vincentian deacons of the Province of Vietnam were ordained to the priesthood by the Most Reverend Dominique Nguyen Van Manh, Bishop of the Diocese of DaLat:

  1. Peter Tran Dinh Duong
  2. Vincent Nguyen Van Doan
  3. Francis Xavie Dang Tien Duc
  4. John the Baptist Vu Tien Duc
  5. Vincent Pham Trung Hieu
  6. Joseph Mary Hoang Trong Hoan
  7. Joseph Pham The Hoan
  8. Anthony Nguyen Van Loc
  9. Louis Nguyen Ngoc Luan
  10. Martin Cao Van Luan
  11. Joseph Nguyen Thanh Minh
  12. Peter Vo Xuan Quang
  13. Peter Pham Minh Trieu
  14. Anthony Le Minh Thuat
  15. Augustin Pham Nguyen Hoang Tu

About a hundred and eighty priests concelebrated with the Bishop in the joyful and solemn ordination mass together with many religious, and faithful.

At the beginning of the Mass, the Most Reverend Dominique reminded the liturgical community about the greatness of the Holy Order of Priesthood,  asking everyone to give thanks to God,  and to respect and pray for priests. Ordination to the priesthood is a joyful and sacred celebration of all the faithful and the Church because priests are great gifts of God to the community. In his homily, the Bishop remided that priests are also human beings who need God’s graces, especially in times of temptation. Only with God’s grace and prayer, priests could to be faithful and vigilant. The Bishop warned that priests should not rely on their own abilities but rather on God’s help. He also mentioned that the priests are servants, that is, at the service of all Christians. He emphasized especially the vow of obedience. He said: “It is the foundation of the life of commmunion of the new priests with the Church and the Congregation.” At the same time, he reminded the new priests about being patient in the missions. They must live for the Congregation’s missions, ready to go anywhere and to do whatever the Congregation entrusts to them. He also said: “Dear new priests, you must be ready to go anywhere, including ‘the middle of nowhere’”. In conclusion, he emphasized the greatness of the priesthood,  the value of obedience and the importance of being living witnesses.

At the end of the Mass, Father Peter Nguyen Cong Tuan, CM, Visitor of the Vietnam Province, on behalf of the whole Province and the newly ordained priests, thanked the Bishop of the Diocese of Dalat, the concelebrating priests, the religious, the families of newly ordained priests, the Christian faithful, and all the guests. He asked all the people to continue to pray, help and support the new laborers in God’s harvest. Finally, the Bishop and the liturgical community received the first blessing from the newly ordained priests.

Fr. Joseph Vu Tuyen Huan, CM
Secretary of Vietnam Province