July 2, 2022 … Good Morning!


Today began with the knowledge that a new superior general would be elected. Those in their room recovering from COVID will likewise engage in this process. The celebration of the Eucharist was presided by our confreres from India. Then, after breakfast we gathered together in the Assembly Hall.


First, prayer and some announcements before beginning the task at hand. Among the announcements, the departure time tomorrow for our tour of the city.


We then began the process of electing a superior general. After the distribution of ballots and a brief pause, the delegates wrote the name of the individual they felt best suited for said position. The ballots were then collected, and one by one each vote was read.


Since no one obtained the number of votes as indicated in the Directory, another ballot was taken. Ballots are distributed, names are written on the paper that has been distributed, ballots are collected and counted. Then Father Corpus Delgado announces that Fr. Tomaž Mavrič has been elected Superior General for a second term.


We congratulate Fr. Tomaž who will serve as superior general for the next six years. Father Tomaž spoke and expressed his gratitude and his commitment to continue to serve the Congregation.


The session ended and Father Corpus affirmed that the process had been carried out in a orderly and precise manner. This was followed by a lengthy applause, an expression of the joy of having fulfilled our responsibility. Today’s work was concluded, and the morning session came to an end.