To all the confreres of the Congregation of the Mission

Dear confreres,
May the grace and peace of Jesus be with us always!
The theme of our 43rd General Assembly was :

“Revitalizing our identity at the dawn of the fifth centenary of the Congregation of the Mission”.

The conclusions of the General Assembly presented in the Final Document , and highlighted also by the 11 points that I shared during my reflection, reflect our common desire and the objective that we want to pursue during these six years which lead us at the next General Assembly in 2028.

In the middle of these six years, and especially in 2025, Providence permitting, we will celebrate the 400th anniversary of the founding of our “Little Company”. This anniversary is for us an immense grace, a new opportunity and a new challenge to revitalize our identity, our spirituality and our charism.

To achieve this end, the General Council, with the collaboration and support of other confreres, has drawn up a three-year program, centered on the spiritual preparation for this event. From 2023 to 2025, we will focus on the first point of the Final Document of the General Assembly: SPIRITUALITY. From 2025 to the next General Assembly to be held in 2028, our attention will be focused on the last four points of the Final Document by proceeding by the method: see, judge and act.

Dear confreres, may these first three years which lead us to the 400th anniversary of our “Little Company” be for each of us a time of conversion, of renewal, of a return with enthusiasm to our “First Love – Jesus”, so that , following the inspirations of Saint Vincent de Paul, we may all become “Mystics of Charity” in the 21st century and beyond.

Your brother in Saint Vincent,

Tomaz Mavric , CM
Superior General