Here are ten reasons why a young person today would benefit from joining the Congregation of the Mission and a prayer to ask God for discernment through the intercession of St. Vincent de Paul!


10 Reasons Why a Young Person Should Join the Congregation of the Mission as a Vincentian Missionary


Saint Vincent de Paul, founder of the Congregation of the Mission, said: “The poor are our teachers.” This phrase sums up the heart of the Vincentian charism and the reason why the missionary vocation can be a path of great personal and spiritual enrichment. Entering the Congregation of the Mission as a missionary offers an extraordinary opportunity to live a life full of meaning, dedicated to the service of others and one’s own inner growth.

Here are ten reasons why a young person today would benefit from joining the Congregation of the Mission:

Spiritual Growth:

Joining the Congregation of the Mission offers a unique opportunity to grow spiritually through prayer, meditation, and participation in the sacraments, following the example of Saint Vincent de Paul.

Service to the Poor:

The main mission of the Congregation is to serve the poor and marginalized. This allows young people to make a concrete difference in the lives of those in need, following the Vincentian charism.

Formation and Education:

The Congregation offers solid theological, pastoral, and human formation, preparing members to serve effectively as missionaries and leaders in the Church and society.

Fraternal Community:

Living in community with other missionaries provides an environment of support, friendship, and mutual growth. Community life is a fundamental aspect of the Vincentian vocation.

International Experience:

The Congregation of the Mission operates worldwide. Young missionaries have the opportunity to work in different cultures and contexts, enriching their experience and global understanding.

Skill Development:

In addition to spiritual formation, missionaries develop practical skills in various fields such as education, healthcare, project management, and social work.

Witness of Faith:

Being a missionary means bearing witness to one’s faith in a concrete and visible way, inspiring others through the example of life and commitment to others.

Adaptability and Resilience:

Working in often challenging missionary contexts helps to develop strong adaptability and resilience, valuable qualities in all aspects of life.

Part of a Great Family:

Joining the Congregation of the Mission means becoming part of the great Vincentian Family, which includes various branches and lay associations, creating a vast network of support and collaboration.

Response to a Deep Call:

For many young people, entering the Congregation represents the response to an inner call to follow Jesus Christ in a radical way, dedicating their lives to evangelization and service to others.


If you feel the Vincentian call, contact one of our confreres or, in the doubt that crosses your heart, recite the novena for discernment!


Girolamo Grammatico
Communication Office