Conference of Visitors in Latin America – CLAPVI

CLAPVI was established as the result of an insight of Father Luis Antonio Mojica, CM (Visitor of Colombia) … an insight that arose during the General Assembly of 1968-1969.  After consulting with Father James Richardson, CM (superior general) and confreres in different parts of Latin America, a meeting was convoked for September 21-24, 1971.  The Visitors of Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Puerto Rico and representatives from Central America and Mexico gathered together in the conference center of the Capuchins in Santandercito, Colombia.  The Vicar-General at that time, Father Rafael Sáinz, CM, was present for that first meeting that established a new relationship between the central government of the Congregation and the continental leadership in Latin America.  Father Luis Vela, CM is considered to be a cofounder of this Conference because of the support and encouragement that he gave to this effort.

This Conference is composed of the Visitors from the following countries: Central America, Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, Colombia, the Vice-Province of Costa Rica, Cuba, Brazil (the Provinces of Curitiba, Rio and Fortaleza), Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rica (Region of Haiti).

During the 2016 General Assembly of the Congregation, the members of CLAPVI made the following commitments. We commit ourselves to:

  1. On-going participation in the Mission of Cuba and the creation of a common project for the mission in Tefe (Brazil).
  2. The creation of an Internal Seminary on the level of CLAPVI.
  3. The creation of a Reflection Group around the Lines of Action of the General Assemby of 2016.
  4. The participation of CLAPVI in projects that defend and protect Amazonia and in the Panamazonian Network (REPAM).
Province of Ecuador
    Founded 1904

Reyes Sánchez, Max Eduardo – Provincial Visitor (12/12/2017)


Province of Centre America
    Founded 1913

Presidente Arévalo, Rafael Antonio – Provincial Visitor (03/09/2016)

Province of Argentina

    Founded 1873

González, Gustavo Martin – Provincial Visitor (21/08/2015)

Province of Curitiba (Brazil)

    Founded 1969

Gonsalves Dos Santos, Odair Miguel – Provincial Visitor (27/09/2016)




Province of Fortaleza (Brazil)
    Founded 1967

Batista Mitozo, Sílvio Alfredo – Provincial Visitor (28/01/2016)

Province of Rio de Janeiro (Brazile)

    Founded 1820,1845

Mól Sántos, Geraldo Eustáquio – Provincial Visitor (10/04/2014 – 20/04/2018)

Province of Chile

      Founded 1854, 1862

Macías Fernández, Luis Fernando – Provincial Visitor (15/03/2010 – 14/12/2012 – 14/03/2016)

Province of Colombia

Founded 1870, 1913

Diego Luis Vásquez, CM – Provincial Visitor (04/07/2018)


Vice-Province of Costa Rica
    Founded 1955

Benavides Araya, William – Vice-Provincial Visitor (20/12/2016)

Province of Cuba
    Founded 1896

Walker, Gilbert R. – Provincial Administrator (25/09/2014)

Province of Mexico
    Founded 1846

Plascencia Casillas, José de Jesús – Provincial Visitor (13/09/2016)

Province of Peru

Founded 1955

Francisco Domingo Herrero, CM –  Provincial Visitor (20/06/2018)

Province of Puerto Rico

    Founded 1955

Paulino Peralta, Alejandro Juan – Provincial Visitor (25/01/2015 – 25/01/2018)