Let us work with a new love in service of the poor, looking for the most destitute and abandoned among them. Let us recognize that before God they are our Lords and masters, and we are unworthy to render them our small services.
–St. Vincent de Paul (SV XI, 393)

The Congregation of the Mission, often known as Vincentian Fathers and Brothers or Lazarists, is a community of Roman Catholic priests and brothers founded by St. Vincent de Paul in 1625 for the evangelization of the poor and the formation of the clergy. Vincentian priests and brothers total over 4000 worldwide and serve in 86 countries.

International Visitors Meeting 2013

Who are we? How are we doing? What do we need to do?
Our Provincial leaders gather July 1-13 on the campus of St. John's University in Jamaica, New York to pray, reflect, study and learn from one another as they seek to answer these questions Superior General Fr. Gregory Gay expresses the hope that it will be a transforming event. He sees parallels with the disciples going up the mountain and experiencing that "It is good for us to be here". Documents and information  

CM Journey – Folleville to Kenya 2014

Kenya Journey To celebrate the anniversary of the Founding of the Congregation of the Mission on January 25, VinFormation presents  a special feature on the De Paul Centre in Nairobi Kenya complete with sights and sounds of Kenya. When St. Vincent first sent missioners to Madagascar in 1648, he wrote them a seven-page letter-- described by Fr. Barry Moriarty, C.M. as "loving, encouraging, energetic, and humorous. Every line of the letter reveals Vincent’s excitement and surety about the importance of this mission. If it were at all possible, Vincent laments, he would go himself. Since he cannot, he mandates his missioner: 'Go then, Monsieur, and cast your nets boldly.' In reading Vincent’s words, we share with him the excitement, the challenge and the joy of continuing this work of the Congregation in East Africa. In 1900 there were 2700 Catholics in Kenya; today there are approximately nine million."* Because of this phenomenal growth, back in the 1970s the Catholic Church was in desperate need of missionary assistance and, in particular, the bishops wanted major seminary teachers and formators. The confreres opened seminaries and offered formation programs. In collaboration with their brothers and sisters of several other branches of the Vincentian Family, the Congregation has been accompanying the poor in Kenya for over 20 years now. From the founding of the Congregation the road of  mission has taken many turns. We invite you share the sights and sounds of the journey to Kenya with the missioners in our multimedia story — an integration of text, audio, and photography. A  journey  OF and TO the poor, an epic journey to borrow the words of Barry Moriarty *from “Cast Your Nets Boldly”: The Mission Ad Gentes in Kenya by Barry Moriarty, C.M.