Systemic Change Commission
Vincentian Family International Commission for Systemic Change, Sao Paulo, Brazil

From April 19th to the 22nd, the International Commission of the Vincentian Family to Promote Systemic Change held a two-day meeting in Sao Paulo and a two-day training for four Latin American Vincentians to become regional coordinators for this initiative.  The four included one CM, one Lady of Charity and two members of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.  Working closely with the Commission, they will create small teams of 4 Vincentians, one for South America and the other for Central America/the Caribbean.

The fundamental task of these teams is to foster continued attention to the importance of systemic change thinking and action throughout the Latin American continent.  They will begin by shoring up systemic change work in their own countries, moving on neighboring countries in the region.

To further assist the coordinators, the commission approved a 56 page Manual for Systemic Change, organizing several tools and stressing the essential components of this work.

With the wonderful hospitality of the Family in Sao Paulo, and the admirable spirit and commitment of these first four local coordinators, the Commission has begun a new step in its work: extension and continuance of the work already carried out in the region, by Vincentians from the area itself.  The Commission will do a similar training in November in Thailand for coordinators from three countries in Asia.

Systemic Change work is alive and well in the Family, and slowly taking root as a permanent focus of Vincentian ministry.