Famvin Europe offers an initial report of the major meeting in Rome of the four Commissions of the Vincentian Family Office. The 4 Commissions…
•Haiti Initiative of the Vincentian Family
•Collaboration Commission of the Vincentian Family
•International Systemic Change Commission
•FamVin Digital Network
Members of the 4 Vincentian Family Office Commissions hold a meeting at Casa Maria Immacolata in Rome. On Friday, January 20, they enjoyed visit of Fr. Tomaž Mavrič, CM, Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission who was a speaker in the morning sketching significant projects for celebration of the #charism400 Jubilee Year. In the evening he celebrated the Mass for participants and preached homily. After the Eucharist everybody lined up for “family photo”. #famvin400famvin Famvin_ES Famvin_FR Famvin ItalianoFamvin português Vincentian Family Haiti Initiative Congregatio Missionis — with Emile Ghali, Denise El Khoury, Aidan R Rooney CM and 12 others at Casa Maria Immacolata.

The Vincentian Family Office, as a function of the Vincentian Family Executive Committee, coordinates activities, provides information, and delivers formation experiences on the heritage and charism of St. Vincent de Paul to the branches of the Vincentian Family (VF) throughout the world.

This includes promoting communication and collaboration among the various branches of the Vincentian Family, as well as opportunities for leadership to meet and to develop ways to work together. (January 2016)