An occasion of great joy, the beatification of 60 Vincentian Family martyrs on November 11, is celebrated in the Spanish language video with English subtitles.

Enjoy learning more about these heroic men and women who in 1936 paid with their lives!


These new martyrs are composed of 40 members of the Congregation of the Mission (24 priests and 16 brothers), 2 Daughters of Charity, 13 lay members of Vincentian Associations and 5 priests from the Diocese of Murcia who served as spiritual advisors to those groups.  During the years of the persecution that occurred during the twentieth century, all of these individuals, from different parts in Spain, gave their life for Christ and with Christ.

The majority of these individuals (39 of them) were martyred in Madrid and a large group of them were members of the parish of the Basilica of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal (14 members of the Congregation of the Mission and 6 lay persons from the area of Chamberi   [mothers and fathers and members the Miraculous Medal Association]).  Ten other members of the Congregation had belonged to the mission house in Atocha(six from the Internal Seminary in Hortaleza, three from the house in Valdemoro and one from the community of Calle Fernandez de la Hoz).

Twenty-one of these individual gave witness in Cataluña, Valencia y Murcia.  Three members of the Congregation of the Mission and two Daughters of Charity were martyred in Barcelona; another member of the Congregation was assassinated in Gerona and two other members of the Congregation and one young member of the Miraculous Medal Association were martyred in Valencia. Finally, one member of the Congregation, five diocesan priests and six lay members of the Miraculous Medal Association were martyred in Murcia.

take time to familiarize yourselves with the names, the life and the glorious martyrdom of these individuals.  This information is contained in a book that was written by the Vice-Postulator, Sister Josefina Selvo.  This is the material that was published in preparation for the beatification of these persons and can be found at (An English summary is available at Over the next few months, we will be publishing more detailed biographical information and reflections.)