In my letter of 25 January 2020, I asked all of us to “mobilize prayer” in preparation for the next General Assembly. I would like to repeat that call at the personal, communal, Provincial, Regional, and International Mission level. May this mobilization of prayer extend also to all the other members of the Vincentian Family, as well as all other persons we can ask for prayers.

The preparatory commission will send us a prayer prepared specifically for the time of preparation for the General Assembly to be prayed every day. However, our prayer involvement does not need to be limited just to this specific prayer. With our imagination and inventiveness, we can add new forms of prayer at the different levels within the Congregation, as well as involving other members of the Vincentian Family, other Congregations, Lay Associations, parishes, schools, social centers, seminaries, retreat houses, dioceses, deaneries, where we serve, etc. to help us through their prayer for our Assembly.

Through mobilizing prayer, trusting totally in Providence, getting wholeheartedly involved at the different levels in the process of preparation for the General Assembly, we can hope with all humility for a “new Pentecost” for our Little Company!

Your brother in Saint Vincent,
Tomaž Mavrič, CM Superior General