ROMANS 12:13

Contribute to the needs of God’s people, and welcome strangers into your home”


Supporters, Friends, & Fellow Vincentians,


By now you have heard about the devastating earthquake, we suffered this past weekend. We first want to say that our staff on the ground are safe, as we are located several kilometers away from the devastation.


Many of you are familiar with the South as just five years ago, with your assistance, we responded the devasting effects of Hurricane Mathew. We did what we do best and focused on systemic interventions, by assisting thousands of farmers with replanting & reforesting their gardens & construction of nurseries, some that are still operational 5 years later.


While it may seem that we often find ourselves amid disasters, these are the times when the work you help us do is so important. Focusing on long-term system change, building soft skills, literacy, job creation are all part of the tool kit we need to see in ensuring recovery & preparedness for these types of predictable shocks. As always, you can support us by donating to our various activities here.


We aren’t in a position to do immediate medical & disaster response; this isn’t our expertise. For those of you who have asked, we would like to direct you to some resources that can. Below you’ll find a list of organizations with a track record of doing this type of work in the affected areas.

Hôpital St Boniface: The largest and most reputable hospital in the affected area

Hope for Haiti: With deep roots and ties to the region for the last 32 years

Fonten Haiti long-term, professional rehabilitation services to the people of southern Haiti.

FOKAL: is crowd-sourcing economic assistance for local grassroots partners (particularly agribusiness focused)

Fonkoze : One of our trusted partners who has been working in Haiti since 1994

Lastly, If you are living in Haiti or know people that are, the Haitian Red Cross  has launched an emergency  campaign for additional blood. Please direct to those that can& are health to donate


Vincentian Family Haiti Initiative